Anne Clark Wellness Advocate

Hi, I’m Anne Clark and I believe success in health and life is nothing more than a decision away. I believe in helping you to find health in body, mind and spirit and by spirit I mean enlightened, inspired and empowered to look after yourself.

I want you to be confident that the information you find on this website will give you the answers for excellent health and well-being.

I can offer you a wonderful range of health products that I have personally selected. Products like barley grass, vitamin B tonics, herbal, cereal and fibre blends. Also a selection of divine aromatherapy oils, soaps, massaging tools like the Squirrel Massager and water purifiers.

The 2016 Women’s Lifestyle Expo will be held on
Friday 19 & Saturday 20 August 2016, 9am – 4pm
At the Lake Kawana Community Centre, Sportsmans Parade, Lake Kawana

Annie will be presenting a workshop at the 2016 Women’s Lifestyle Expo.

See the Women’s Lifestyle Expo website for all the details on how to get your ticket to this annual event.

The Power Of The Pause

Have you ever given yourself a hard time, because you said something to someone too soon, that maybe you could have avoided saying, which would have meant less pain for all concerned?   Have you ever acted a little too quickly or impulsively which caused you more...

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20 Seconds of Courage

I am inspired by stories of courage.  There is no doubt in my mind that the most inspirational stories come about because somewhere, someone showed amazing courage, sacrifice and GRIT to overcome some sort of adversity. In 2008, I walked the Kokoda Track.  This walk...

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For The Love Of Seven!

For a long time I have had a deep connection with the number 'seven'.  I sign contracts on a day that has a seven in it.  We move to homes that have a seven in it, and seven has always felt right for me, for special events.  I also like the number eight and nine. ...

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Healthy Home & Healthy Body! – copy

 The first home you live in is your body!  The second home you live in, is the physical structure and  engineering, that is your home.  The health of   one, very much reflects the health of the other. In this article I'd like to just open your mind to the many...

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