Hi I’m Annie Clark

Author, Speaker & Wellness Advocate

I believe success in health and life is nothing more than a decision away. I believe in helping you to find health in body, mind and spirit and by spirit I mean enlightened, inspired and empowered to look after yourself.

I am confident that the information you find on this website will give you the answers for excellent health and well-being.

I offer you a wonderful range of health products that I have personally selected. Products like barley grass, vitamin B tonics, herbal, cereal and fibre blends. Also a selection of divine aromatherapy oils, soaps, massaging tools, like the Squirrel Massager, and water purifiers.

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Lifestyle Reset, Anne Clark shows you how to reset your lifestyle for the better.  After first observing the way you have already styled your life.

Lifestyle Reset will help you to simplify your meals, declutter your belongings, harness the power of the breath and understand your unique characteristics.  You will explore Ayurveda doshas, iridology, both Bernard Jensen and Rayid, food combining, essential oil know-how, mindset and the added bonus of some simple and effective meals with recipes etc.

Lifestyle Reset Retreat

Here are 10 Reasons why you would want to be there …..

  1. You’ll learn how to breathe for more ‘life’ years.
  2. You have a dominant dosha, and even if you know what that is now, you will learn something more about this ancient wisdom that will transform your heart.
  3. How does water affect your timing, your gut, and your mind?
  4. You’ll learn about your Digestive system and how you can tame an impossible gut situation.
  5. You’ll discover the potentiality of mind and learn in 30 seconds how to put it into action.
  6. Find a peace you never knew you had the capacity to find!
  7. Gain a habit that you can switch on anywhere anytime!
  8. Discover the mindset of movement!
  9. Laugh your head off!
  10. By the time this event is over you will know more about your essential oils in a way that is beyond useful, but incredibly valuable…..

Anne Clark’s 4th edition of IN THE RAW is ‘new and improved’ ! This book is on the mark for giving you insights into raw food living.  Jam-packed with wisdom on maintaining a positive mental attitude, supporting greater resistance to disease and encouraging natural healing of the human body.

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25feb10:00 AM4:00 PMFeaturedLifestyle Reset - ONE DAY - Retreat - 25th February 202210:00 AM - 4:00 PM Cooroy - Sunshine Ridge


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