Do you want to know what you can do in three minutes, that expands your health, longevity, and happiness? Of course, you do.

Number one: 

Breathe deeply for 1 minute.  Inhale for 4 seconds, exhale for 4 seconds.  Hold for 4 seconds, between each inhale and exhale. Continue to do this for a full minute.  This is referred to as ‘Box Breathing’.  Sometimes, I continue on, because I’ve become so involved with the breathing, and it has eased my mental discomfort.  If you begin this one exercise first, you will notice an improvement in your vital lung capacity as well.  Box Breathing is a breathing reset!

Number two: 

Drink 2 x 250mls water, in the first 30 seconds, swish the water around in your mouth, and hold the water for 30 seconds for each glass of purified water.

Hint: Allow the gums to hold the water, and absorb the water within the mouth first without swallowing, then after a few more swishes, swallow.  Repeat this with each sip of water from your glass until you have emptied the glass.  Holding the water in your mouth is another powerful way of hydrating and nourishing the gums and inner mouth area.  This is also an excellent way to hydrate on a warm day.  Do this before going for a walk, and you will feel refreshed and satisfied on your walk. For more information see - Zazen water systems - on Annie’s website.

Number three:

Over the last minute recite positive words to yourself around what you are grateful for.  Here’s an example:

“I’m so happy and grateful that I have people who love me, and I have people I love.” 

I am grateful for the food I’m eating, full of life and nutrients;  I’m grateful for the friends who show up in my life that seem to know exactly what I need and they nourish my soul. 

I’m grateful for my parents, both alive and passed, and the beautiful impressions that they have made on me.

I’m grateful for my purposeful work and for the ability to use my limbs, to walk and move. 

I’m so grateful that I have a brain that can expand and learn. 

I am so grateful for all the difficult lessons I have had to overcome and experience. 

My essential oils and associated health support products are the best, I’m grateful that I know how to get the most out of them.

I am so grateful for the people who have been unkind to me, as they have given me a great gift and reminded me of how important it is to show respect, kindness, and understanding to others.

Most of all I’m grateful for my dear little dog Minty, he is the pacifier that rewards me emotionally every day.  

I look out at my garden and home and I am grateful.

Usually, that internal grateful talk takes around a minute, but I’ve found I can go on a lot longer.

3 minutes and you have just improved your chances of feeling magnificent.  Enjoy!