3 Reasons why Cold Weather can be Good For You:

I’m not a winter person, not one little bit, I say that every year!  However, I think it’s important to look for the benefits, the plus side to winter, to experiencing cold temperatures and how for most of us a change in temperature can be very good for the immune system.

Cold weather has always been notorious for bringing about sickness and ailments. But despite what you’ve been told about the gloom winter delivers, cold weather can actually be really good for your health. Here are three reasons cold weather can actually be good for you.

  1. You burn more calories when it’s cold, just to try and stay warm.

Exercising in cold weather or even just shivering while on that short walk from your office to your car can burn extra calories. When you’re exercising in the cold air, your heart works double-time to keep you warm. So, if you want to stay active in the winter, a brisk jog in the cold air might do you some good.

I find just walking up to our driveway (800 meters return trip), is a wonderful way of building up stamina and resistance.  Breaking into a run and combining running and light weights a win for the immune system.

  1. Cold weather can help you fight off infections!

You might be more susceptible to colds in the wintertime, but according to this study, when your immune system adapts to cold environments, its ability to fight off infection gets stronger.

  1. It can help you get a better night’s sleep!

Many. studies have proven that sleeping in a cold room can improve your quality of sleep and help you get to sleep quicker. So, there’s no harm in kicking your thermostat down a few notches at night.  Add some warm socks to the equation and even wearing a beanie on the head to keep the warmth in the body and not escaping out of the extremities is the secret to keeping you in the cocoon of blissful sleep.

You might feel a little sluggish at times during winter, but research shows that cold weather may boost your brain activity and get you thinking clearly. Keep that in mind before your next mentally demanding activity.

Burning calories, fighting infections, and getting a better night’s sleep, all equal ‘health success’, so ’embrace the cold’ and I’ll see you in the sunshine as soon as possible. xx