Welcome to HELO LX – your personal lifestyle monitor.

HELO LX is like no other wristband on the market.  Not only will HELO LX monitor your steps and calories – more importantly it monitors your health. Alerting you when your vital statistics are outside the set parameters.

Utilising  a Toshiba Chipset- the HELO LX provides the wearer feedback on their Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Breath Rate, Mood, Sleep Analysis – it can even provide an ECG plus much much more. It even includes a panic alarm.      * - features yet to be released.

My name is Paul, I arrived on the Sunshine Coast over 5 years ago with my family from the U.K. and have a family over there that I love dearly.  My parents are getting elderly with a father that in recent times has suffered from Heart Disease, Cancer and Diabetes.  HELO LX allows me the peace of mind while living on the opposite side of the world.

HELO LX monitors my fathers health and will alert me and other family members if he is in need of urgent assistance. The SOS feature will provide us with his GPS location and the time of the alert.

In addition, the HELO LX generates a health log that my father utilises to discuss with his physician on a regular basis. Allowing his Physician up to date readings from the HELO LX.

Click on the link below for a short clip on the many features on this amazing device - HELO LX.


For advice on the HELO LX or to become an Independent Distributor, please contact me on 0490 361 835 or visit www.prosurgical.worldgn.com

I trust you will join me in sharing this with the world.