The seven (7) Habits To Give You Empowered Health are as follows:

  1. Think about what you are putting into your mouth!  Ask yourself ‘Will this food or drink help me to think clearly?  Will this meal give me nutrition or will it take away my energy?  Everything you put into your mouth has a purpose and a destiny. Ask yourself will this meal be a blessing or a burden!  Either way, ‘thinking’ is the start of cultivating healthy empowered habits.
  2. Hydrate with pure water before eating your meal.  This second habit has the potential to change the game radically.  Hydrating is smart, useful, and cleansing.  Hydrating with water, not tea, not coffee, not soda water, before a meal means you will eat less, and that means you will be kinder to your digestive system.  Hydrating with pure water is a successful blessing you give yourself, and a tool to assist the body to clean up internally after the meal!
  3. Move more!  Even if you don’t particularly feel like moving, get off the couch and move around your home.  Put some music on, have a little dance, walk to your letterbox, several times, and Move more, this third habit will help your body to burn up calories.  Your mood will be elevated as well.
  4. Laugh out Loud.  Find fun videos to watch, preferably that help you to laugh.  Your sense of humor will have a lot to do with that, so, seek out some comedy sketches or funny movies and choose to watch them as opposed to the serious content.  Trust me, it does help with your mental health.
  5. Eat the good fats, choose Avocados, Nuts, and Seeds as your preference for snacks and in between meals.  Raw is better, or lightly roasted with sea salt, if at all.  The good fats help your brain, so keep in mind that you are feeding your brain first!  Of course, your body will benefit from that.
  6. Learn something about the body every day, something that is useful for you is to understand as much as possible how you function.  Apply yourself to this sixth habit, and share what you learn with those you care about, this is double learning.
  7. Incorporate Scent (Essential Oils) into your daily activity.  Anchor your favorite scent to an empowered time in your living memory and use that scent to keep you in alignment, as a way to help you shift state particularly when you are vulnerable.  I used Balance throughout Christmas, by applying the oil liberally to my forearm and this made a profound difference. I diffused Citrus oils and applied coconut oil with rose oil to my skin every time I thought about it, and that helped me to feel calmer and happier.

Habits are easy to form when you repeat them every day.  In 30 days if you have carried out the above lifestyle hints, I’m sure you will feel empowered and happier.  Set yourself up for a wonderful year, and plan to be at one of our workshops or retreats.

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