AC_GmailSMALLAnne has been speaking for over 30 years on health and wellbeing and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and empowering others to improve their health and happiness. She has written over 18 books and is a pioneer in healthy eating, being Australia’s first raw food author.

Anne regularly runs interactive seminars and workshops, including the popular “The Art of Wellness”, which brings together health and wellbeing experts for a one-day event. Other events include “Lose Weight While You Sleep and Eat”, “The Body Factory - Digestion and Its Link to Longevity” and “Slow Food Combinations for Fast People”.  Since 1993 Anne has been facilitating Raw Food Workshops several times a year where she demonstrates how to prepare and intrdoduce more live food into your diet.

Anne works alongside other practitioners to create lively and entertaining one and two day events. She is a speaker on Radio and TV and guest presents for business networking events around Australia.  Anne was awarded The Lifestyle Award at the 2013 Women’s Lifestyle Expo.

Anne Clark is a qualified Lifestyle Health Consultant, Iridologist and Nutri Energetics System (NES) Practitioner, which treats the distortions and blockages in the body’s energy field.

She believes success in health and life is nothing more than a decision away.


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