Of all the subjects that I can comment on or attempt to educate you about, I feel I can certainly comment on this.  Adrenal Fatigue is like a disease, and like most diseases, it can be the precursor to cancerous activity in the body.

I have run myself ragged in the past!  I have felt the pain of pure mental and physical exhaustion, and I have experienced adrenal fatigue in all its shapes and forms.  This is why I want to help you cultivate some awareness and create the change you need to thrive through difficult times.  This is why I want to help you avoid Adrenal fatigue, by detailing how you manifest ‘Adrenal Fatigue’ in the first place.

Adrenal Fatigue is the new cancer, because of the many case studies that link Adrenal fatigue to other mental health issues.  So, which came first the ‘chicken or the egg?’ What do you think the answer is?  Which came first with adrenal fatigue or stress?  Stress or Mental health breakdown?  Or were they all just born around the same time?  I believe that the heavy load of the world our perception of world events, combined with our own events certainly has a lot to answer for.

The iris picture I have included in this article is a typical ‘Anxiety Tetanic’ type constitution.  It’s fascinating to me, because the clues are associated with the cramp rings you see around the colour part of the eye, much like ripples in a pond.  There is an extreme ‘yellow to orange’ colour burning out like a flower, with the intensity of a hot fire.  This is the ‘Anxiety Tetanic Constitution’. Who is the Anxiety Tetanic personality and Constitution?  They are ‘the helper’, the people pleaser, the ‘goer’, the sugar craver personality, prone to anxiety and stress symptoms, often self - induced and always on the tip of extremes in all they do.  The Anxiety Tetanic type of person, left unnoticed, untreated, not supported, can and does run themselves into ruin.

Their health depends on ‘chemistry’, their chemistry depends on consistent and persistent observation, awareness and some inner wisdom, and built-in, structured time every day for quiet, meditation or peace.  This is the most constructive and positive thing you could do to support yourself if you are this constitution.  I have found ‘Essential Oils’ to be a vital part of that nurturing and support; when used wisely the essential oils are not only appropriate but crucial for emotional and mental survival for our times.

So if Adrenal Fatigue is the ‘new cancer’, what can we do about it?  I’m about solutions, and besides using specific essential oils, like Frankincense and sandalwood, grounding blends and citrus oils in one’s water, there are some very clever things you can do to stay mentally well.

Starting with: Green foods.  Be conscious of how much green food appears in your regular eating day.  I’m not talking about food that comes in green packaging, I’m talking about barley grass, green peas, spinach, lettuce, silver beet, asparagus and broccoli, just to name a few.  It’s not really that hard to incorporate these sorts of greens into your daily food consumption, what is hard is trying to live without them!

Learn to say ‘no’!  You don’t have to be everywhere, and be everything to everyone.  The problem with trying to be everything to everyone is that you will let someone down somewhere, starting with yourself.  Be clear about what you can and can’t do in any given situation. Don’t have your schedule overbooked.  This is setting yourself up for disaster.  Allow time for you, down time, relaxation time.

Eat your evening meals as early as possible, so you are not overloading your digestive system.  5 pm or 6 pm. at the latest, can be a good time.  Studies have linked poor digestion to poor mental health, and especially to Bipolar conditions.  When you are in a state of ‘overwhelm’, your digestive system doesn’t work to its full potential, hence some of the allergies that manifest.  You may find that you can re-introduce certain foods that gave you angst, if you just allow more time for digestion, and eat a little earlier in the day.  This way you don’t go to bed with a full belly.  Some people indeed eat themselves to death.  Less really is more!  We have become a society where people are completely distracted from the art of eating, and load their plates up with more food than their digestive systems can handle.  Evening meals like soups, and light salads, can be outstanding choices for a more comfortable transition into wellness.

Lighten up!  People who laugh a lot, have been known to handle stress and busy schedules far more effectively than people who are just ‘deadpan serious’.  I factor in time to look at funny videos or listen to light and fresh content.  It just makes me feel better.  So be sure to surround yourself with happier people, and if you can’t find them, then watch happier content on TV or in movies.  It’s always about choice, and you have many. You are the designer of everything that shows up in your life, so be especially creative and mindful of your power.  Check out Annie’s blog on Optimism.

I’m looking forward to sharing some solid information with you on how to start the day, how to twig your chemistry and utilize essential oils more progressively.

Stay tuned for events that are going to happen close to where you live, and always feel welcome to drop me a line and catch up on the phone or by email.  You can contact me via this site and blog, and I promise I will reply to you.

To learn more about your Adrenal Glands, and how to manage your Lifestyle check out Annie’s Book Lifestyle Reset, The Essential Guide To Healing You and the Planet.

Enjoy your days with plenty of laughter and fun.  Blessings Annie Clark. Dip. Lhc./author/NES practitioner/ Speaker for Wellness and Lifestyle.