If you are anything like me, you are probably thinking and even singing that song when you see those words‘All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!’  You were singing it, weren’t you?  Here’s a little warning, I’m not going to write much about Christmas I feel a need to express more here in this blog.

You and I know, Christmas will come and go, and we will be into another year before you know it; right now it’s October, and we are thinking about simpler human basics, like ‘when are things going to settle down?’  Will we ever see our relatives and friends down south again? 

Those that have booked flights overseas or interstate and had their flights canceled, will they ever see that refund (myself included)?  Will we be able to fly overseas by choice without being forced to have some sort of vaccine (which I won’t be part of)?

Will we be reduced to video conference calls and zoom calls for our Christmas gatherings? Rules like no touching, no hugging are becoming part of our new norm, this ridiculous ‘elbow tapping’ or ankle tapping, it’s driving us all nuts!  I’m not buying it!  How much of what is being reported is true?

I’m sad that at this stage I can’t plan something as simple as bringing my father to Queensland from Melbourne to be with us!  I know I’m not the only one.  I’m also not the only one to be completely over it!  Yes, we are all completely and utterly done with the whole box and dice.  I personally don’t know who to believe anymore, who to trust. I’m not even sure if conspiracy theories and various plots are out there to deliberately add to the confusion. What I do know is confused people act irrationally,  and that may be in someone’s interest!Full Address will be given out on ticket registration.

We are told that the world banking system will collapse by anyone that has a vested interest in digital currency or more believably by folk born before the second world war, as they have seen a currency wiped out overnight. We are warned that cash may no longer be accepted in supermarkets and the like.

Scaremongers are rife at this time, as they press for everyone to buy more bitcoin, and if not the digital coin, then silver, gold, etc, just to add a little more pandemonium and panic to the perspective, we have the occasional news flash about  Kim JongUn –  you know that North Korean political official who succeeded his father, Kim Jong Il, as a leader in 2011.  This guy seems to have too much pull or power over a button connected to weapons that could pretty much stuff up half of the planet!   This makes our world economy issues look pretty minuscule!

I wonder, however, where all the money comes from that our government hands out like ‘a bloated bellied boss’ at one of those ‘end-of-the-year-Christmas parties?  Will our kids and their kids be paying for that for the rest of their lives?

When I think about the government I remind myself that the government is a bunch of people employed by the ‘taxpayer’ - ‘us’! Something that seems to be conveniently and consistently overlooked by leaders and even us!  People died in the past so that we could vote today, yet our voting power seems to be a joke to some.

I don’t understand politics, I do understand however that it begins in our homes. At this point in this article, someone in the government is now paying attention to what I’m writing!  Back to the money.  This money that is being handed out has not been earnt, it’s not even physical, and the repercussions are quite unfathomable to a dyslexic like me because when I hear figures like billions and trillions it’s as scary as trying to download 6 1/2 thousand photos off my phone!  Where am I going with this?  I think we have all been living beyond our means.  I think we are allowing our government to encourage us all to live beyond our means.

I have a saying, ‘If you give a dog a bone, he will take it, if you don’t he’ll go and dig one up’.  Our system is not supporting the creatives, it’s not supporting the people who really work hard to create their own employment.  I believe that a system that rewards the ‘non-creatives’, the people who are happy to sit back and just take, is a system destined to implode on its self.   As that system implodes there will be a ripple effect of physical, mental, and emotional abuse carried out in private homes tipping logical people into illogical behavior.  That’s as political as I’ll get right now.

What matters? I really want to be able to spend quality time with my dad at Christmas time. I’d love to be able to hug him and make his life special, and comfortable, and the management of this ‘virus’ has robbed me and my family of that right, as it has many other people in Australia and all over the world.

My dad turned 87, in his local area, confined to his home with no visitors!  A 5km ban meant my brothers were too far away from him.  One of my brothers was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia in March this year, he is currently receiving Chemotherapy, he has had a tough year, and of course, my father hasn’t been able to hang out with his son at a greater time of need. Thank God my father is not in a nursing home, that would have tipped all of us over the edge I can tell you. Of course, we phoned him and enjoyed a zoom call on the day, and of course, there are people far worse off than my dad, I fully acknowledge that.  My heart goes out to the ‘elders of our community’ whom by no other choice are in aged care, and I accept that some of these facilities are remarkable in their service to these people, but there are just as many that are disgraceful in their management and ‘so-called care’ to people who are in the twilight of their lives and will one day be you and I.  How would you like to be treated when you get to that stage?  

People have not been able to attend funerals, cross borders to look after sick and/or dying loved ones, attend weddings, attend graduations, welcome grandchildren, visit old friends and so many other things.  People have died of various diseases for sure including COVID-19.  I’m sure there are genuine deaths due to the virus but how many are due to other causes, how many deaths have been conveniently combined to make out that something is more than it is?  Again, who do you believe? The list is as long as my arm in terms of the restrictions, changing rules, legislation, and enforcement.  Our politicians, premiers, prime ministers, presidents, world leaders, and the like all seem to be in a state of chaos, all disrespecting each other and all deceiving us one way or another. They spend their valuable campaign time putting down the opponent instead of sharing what they would do if they were in leadership. If a young child was watching these people on TV what would they conclude?  How would they feel about their future?  Frankly, It’s hard to look up to any of them!

What do you do when there is no leadership?

Recently while spending time with one of my business associates, they told me they were not feeling any leadership.  I suggested to them, if you don’t feel there is leadership, become the leader you wish you had.  Now, this is easier said than done, because when I see that our local and world leaders are all over the shop, I question myself, and wonder if I have what it takes to go forward and be part of the change that is needed to save our social, political and environmental world. Are we being distracted deliberately? Distraction is a fascinating way to foil the masses.  ‘For evil to prevail a good man or woman does nothing!’  

I believe the secret to success is to treat everything as one and not as separate.

Because we have separated environmental issues from social issues, family issues from educational issues, etc., we have stopped talking about the world issues at the dinner table because it’s easier to be lazy and watch world leaders arguing, lying, and storytelling to suit their agendas on the internet and TV!

Our mobile devices have become the new ‘God’, and we are servants to a corrupt master more often than not!

What are we going to do about it?  I remember one American president asked this question, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,” they shot him dead for that!  Amongst other things!  Those words were spoken at John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address in 1961.

So now for something positive…beautiful in fact.  I recently watched a testimony if you like by Sir David Attenborough I can’t recommend this documentary more highly.  For the first time, I felt hope for all of us, watching Sir David Attenborough first talk about our environment and what was going wrong and then suggesting what we can do.

I was captivated listening to his living testimony as he has been a witness to environmental and climatic fall out since working in the environmental field from 1937 to the present day. I am particularly aware of the animal cruelty and the fallout from overfarming animals, which was reiterated frankly and warmly by Sir David Attenborough, but what affected me most was the way he articulated so profoundly in a way that I felt a surge within me to voice what I have kept to private or limited to groups in my workshops or retreats.  I’ve never commented online about issues like this in the past but, you know I feel compelled to do this now.

What has Sir David Attenborough taught us?

This man with his life (now 94 years old) is a living ‘messenger’ a living ‘witness‘ and a truth seeker who has pointed out the big issues we face on this planet now, and the urgent adjustments we need to make now.  Sir David Attenborough says the excesses of western countries should “be curbed” to restore the natural world and we’ll all be happier for it.  I feel he is right, what he says in a recent Netflix documentary, is the most common-sense bit of viewing I have seen in a very long time. The veteran broadcaster said that the standard of living in wealthy nations is going to have to take a pause. Nature would flourish once again when “those that have a great deal, perhaps, have a little less”.

Bush Fires and Plague!   

When the bush fires in Tasmania, Victoria, NSW, and parts of Queensland and Western Australia became our reality towards the end of last year and into the earlier part of 2020, we watched with horror an environmental catastrophe on a significantly larger scale.  If I include cyclones that I have lived through from 1991, Cyclone Joy in North Queensland, Cyclone Steve in 2002, and then several years later Larry and 6 years after that Yassi; these cyclones are part and parcel of life in the tropics, of North Queensland, but they were far more ferocious, far more unforgiving than cyclones in the early part of the century.

I think fires are more devastating than cyclones or even flooding.  Fires eat everything.  I’ve been through a flood, cyclone, and experienced drought. Fires scare the hell out of me. During that fire season I mentioned above, more than 80% of the World Heritage Listed Greater Blue Mountains in 54% of the NSW Gondwana Rainforests were affected by fires.

The combined fires wiped out a huge amount of natural forestation, small towns, homes, farms, and of course the wildlife.  People died too! At the time of the fires, I remember saying to my husband Darryl, I bet there will be some sort of abnormal insect activity, like a plague, because the ecology balance has been greatly disturbed.  I’m not Sir David Attenborough, but I figured out enough to know that you can’t lose all that nature without a side effect, and sure enough, we had our own citrus disaster!  We were not relying on a crop of mandarins to survive, however, local farmers with their larger crops were! At one stage we probably had 350-400 mandarines fall from our tree.  They were completely uneatable due to being stung by some sort of bug/fly that just destroyed the grapefruit and oranges as well.  These bugs were in excess, just like I predicted, and even now we still have more insects that are in greater numbers ravaging what we are growing!

For every action, there is a reaction.  It’s estimated that between 8-15 million tonnes of plastics go into the oceans every year.  Imagine me coming over to your place and filling up every room with plastic bottles!  I reckon you would kick me out for sure, after all that’s where you live.  There is a heap of creatures living in the ocean, who depend on a balance in their world, a cycle and rhythm perfectly in sync. Us humans come along with our convenience buying, bottled water, etc. and disrupt the equilibrium.  Every time we buy bottled water, or something wrapped in plastic we are contributing to a force that destroys that balance!  Watching Sir David Attenborough on this recent special, he reminded us that we have less than 35% of natural areas left in the whole world, which is serious stuff and we as a species are going to have to change our convenient living standards and go back to basics now!  We can do this you know, we can watch our waste, we can recycle and we can be ‘land lover’.

What can we do?

Honouring ‘No Fish’ zones in the oceans to give the marine life a chance to flourish again, reviewing our forestation practices and stopping the chopping down of trees now, reducing our animal protein consumption or becoming vegetarian, vegan, or at least a person who consumes more consciously (I’ve been teaching that for over 3 decades) and looking for other ways to sustainably build, so that our beautiful wild animals can again populate the earth and balance the ecology.

Actually, I want a lot for Christmas, but it’s not in material form. I would like to see more awareness, action, and contribution from everyone around me to do their bit to make our world safe for our kids and grandkids, but it has to be from the way we behave, consume and live.  Don’t for one second think that your contribution won’t matter, remember the starfish story.  Darryl and I are putting our money and our actions where our mouths are and being very engaged in growing food and being gentle with our footprint where we can.  We are avoiding plastic as much as we can and looking at our waste.  We are buying from companies that have environmentally conscious business models and who give back to the community, nourish farms and people, which is why we aligned with doTERRA over 8 years ago.  here’s a link to the Co-Impact Sourcing story to back that up.

We can consciously consume food that doesn’t rob the earth to be produced.  Over the last 3 decades, I have been teaching and motivating people to eat more greens and definitely fewer grains in their daily existence. I want to gently remind my lovely dairy product consumers that every time you put a little milk in your coffee you are contributing to the declining lifestyle of a cow who continually lactates in her lifetime and that’s just not fair.  Ladies, imagine breastfeeding nearly every day all your reproductive life!

I have inspired people to chose more raw or natural food and to watch the cows grazing on grass rather than eat them!  I’m not a ‘Mother Theresa’ of healthy living, I stuff up every now and again, but I’m aware, I’m aware enough to know it is what we do 90% of the time that matters.  I don’t consume alcohol or use drugs, because I want to have a clear mind.  I certainly understand people using medicinal marijuana for pain and suffering.  The many positive uses of hemp astound me, and because it is easier to grow I believe it should be used more in our house building, again, it should have been that way decades ago, it’s still not too late to turn that all around.

I have mentored and motivated others through my books, like, In The Raw (top and best seller), The Poo In You, Eat When You Are Hungry, Lose Weight While You Sleep and Eat, and several other books.  It’s been a privilege to create and write books as this has given me a platform to express.  I find the digital and social media world a bit difficult to traverse at times because it’s not engaging with people in a ‘real way’.  I find myself being drawn back to nature more and less about being on computers.  It’s a natural reaction for me because of what is going on in the world.  You will know what I mean because to find this article, I probably referred you to it, rather than you coming across it through Google, social media, or clever tagging, etc.

If you feel what I have said has resonated with you and you want to talk with me personally and get some mentoring around how to eat for a more sustainable, happier, and healthy ‘you’ which ultimately will affect the world, please feel you can reach out to me.  Perhaps even book yourself into our Lifestyle Reset Retreat.  These 2-day events happen three times a year, and they are an embodiment of what we believe will change the world, several people at a time.  Here’s what I can guarantee, you will not be the same person after the retreat, you can’t unlearn what we teach, simple as that.  You will find out about nutrient-dense food, which is a ‘serious must adapt’ sort of subject.  Again, you can’t unlearn that!

All I want for Christmas is for people to wake up! I’d love for them to ‘grow something before they throw something’.  I’d like there to be more forgiveness and understanding. I’d like there to be a little more care for each other.  Is that the same as ‘world peace?’  

Thanks for reading my rant, and thanks for all your support to me over the years if you have already attended a course or purchased one of my books, you have enabled me to continue being some sort of small influence in this world.  Look after each other, and I’ll see you at a workshop or retreat soon.