Waking up ‘grateful’ is the best tonic for ‘life’, but it doesn’t just happen, you put steps in place so that all of that gratitude just rolls in, and this is how I do it…

I start with exercise, yes even when I don’t feel very energetic, I make an effort because movement + mindset = positive feelings.  That equation has been revolutionary for me, and I wanted to share that idea with you.

There is an extraordinary vibration around gratitude when you really look for it.  Movement, exercise, running down the driveway and back several times, which in my case is a fair distance, and certainly a challenge with a hill or two.  Movement equals vibration which equals a shift.  The shift is when you become aware of your power around changing your mindset, changing the way you respond to things when they happen to you.

Once you find your shift, once you find what instigates the shift, employ it, and milk it for all the rewards.LifeStyle Reset Metal Wellness

When you start to look at everything with gratitude, the whole world changes.  Just this morning I was washing the dishes with a typical dish brush, water, and a sink.  I marveled at this simple experience and gave thanks I had hands to wash dishes, dishes to wash, food that dirtied up the dishes and gentle detergent to wash the dishes (environmentally friendly detergent).

I looked around a kitchen that certainly needs a reno, never-the-less, I was grateful for the kitchen that I have, it works!  I was and always am grateful for the energy to train and run this morning, to be able to lift a rock or log, to be able to walk, and it just went on and on.  Once I started looking at all the things that were working on my own body, wow, I started to feel euphoric and beyond happy, just in a different state of awareness that I had to acknowledge silently to myself first and now through this blog that you are reading!  Oh and grateful for that too!

The attitude of gratitude is something you need to awaken, something you will need to re-visit in your present state until you find it.  The triggers that help you along to action and feeling, need to be discovered by you. For me its movement, music and essential oils. The power of scent is most important and can’t be overlooked when wanting to change state!

Let’s talk about those essential oils a little more.  There are 4 specific essential oil blends that I use to stimulate my state, the first one is Balance.  Balance is a blend that when applied to the body can bring the nervous system into alignment very quickly.  Balance is the blend I apply to my skin.  I do not use it in a diffuser, it’s a topical application that ideally I need to re-apply at least every hour, and particularly if I’m finding I’m having trouble going into the attitude of gratitude or I’m a bit grumpy, non-responsive.  You absorb the essential oil in seconds and it’s all used up in your system in under an hour, so it’s good to re-apply every hour or during times of crisis.  Balance essential oils ingredients are - Spruce, Ho Wood, Blue Tansy, Frankincense, German Chamomile.

The other essential oil Blend is Elevation.  This blend has long been a reliable and slightly masculine blend, in my opinion, that is ideal in the diffuser, and can be applied to the skin, but avoid exposure to direct sunlight for up to 12 hours after use. You could wear it as perfume or cologne, especially over the heart, but cover-up.  Put two drops on a wet cloth, and put the cloth in the dryer with washed laundry for great-smelling clothes.

Because Elevation has essential oil ingredients that are sun-sensitive, be very careful about putting the oil on skin that will be exposed to the sun. In the diffuser, it is so powerful, because it uplifts and stimulates the brain, and this, in turn, results in a more cheerful manner, for all those that inhale the aroma.  Essential oils in this blend are - Lavandin, Lavender, Tangerine, Elemi, Lemon Myrtle, Melissa, Ylang Ylang, Osmanthus, and Hawaiian Sandalwood.  An important element to Elevation is when you use it, to be diligent and expect wonderful things!  Sometimes people get into afternoon slumps and they just can’t get themselves moving, diffuse a little ‘Elevation’ and see what happens!

Lavender Peace - now this is known as ‘Restful Blend’, it’s really very good for busy heads and known to help people go off to sleep a little more effectively.  So it’s calming and ideal for those times when one is feeling a little anxious or not dealing with all the activity they have probably created for themselves, another word for that is ‘stress‘.  Inhale Lavender Peace, apply liberally on the skin, behind the neck under the feet, or anywhere on the body.  Obviously keep all the oils away from your eyes, so that you don’t end up in pain or bumping into walls!!  Lavender peace is also good for anger, insomnia, mental fatigue, hyperactivity, mood swings, general tension, teeth grinding, and to some degree itching!

Citrus Bliss - This one is quite a special blend.  Otherwise known as Invigorating Blend, Citrus Bliss is exhilarating because it brings together all of the uplifting and ‘stress-reducing’ benefits of citrus essential oils in a sweetly satisfying way.  Many of the citrus oils in this blend have been studied for their ability to cleanse and disinfect, which is a bonus!  The single essential oils that populate this blend are - Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Bergamot, Tangerine, Clementine, Vanilla Bean Extract.

If you wake up feeling a little stressed place 4-5 drops in your diffuser and press the button that keeps the oil diffusing for a minimum of 4 hours.  You can also add to 15ml of fractionated coconut oil and use it as a massage oil.  Wonderful!  Just find a suitable able-bodied person to apply on your back and around your ankles.  This is lovely, again be careful, don’t go out in the sunshine if you use this oil directly on the skin, unless of course, you use it at night before going to a party!

A Note from www.anneclark.com.au admin:  If you would like to purchase the 4 ‘Mastering Mood’ essential oils - note the retail value of these essential oil blends is around $240.00.  However, if you would like to purchase them at wholesale go to www.mydoterra.com/annieclark - send a message through that website, or contact Annie directly on 0402 166 187.  Yes she will take the call, and help you to purchase wholesale if that interests you!

Keep your vibration happy and bright, here is a great tune to get your vibration up. xox