The Nose Knows!

Have you ever considered how and why smell is linked to your desire to eat something?  We must also consider the visual look of the food of course! Here’s how I look at it, taste and smell are in a courtship with each other about to be married and the ‘seeing’ part -...

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The Power Of The Pause

Have you ever given yourself a hard time, because you said something to someone too soon, that maybe you could have avoided saying, which would have meant less pain for all concerned?   Have you ever acted a little too quickly or impulsively which caused you more...

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For The Love Of Seven!

For a long time I have had a deep connection with the number 'seven'.  I sign contracts on a day that has a seven in it.  We move to homes that have a seven in it, and seven has always felt right for me, for special events.  I also like the number eight and nine. ...

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Walking On Grass For Mental Health Benefits.

  Walking Barefoot on grass… I’ve discovered I like the feeling of grass under my feet, and there’s a whole lot of science that backs up the benefits of this experience.  I also walk on the pebbles and rocks around my garden, as I find it stimulating and a great...

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A Message From Richard Branson

Words of Great Wisdom From Sir Richard Branson    "Dear Stranger, You don’t know me but I hear you are going through a tough time, and I would like to help you. I want to be open and honest with you, and let you know that happiness isn’t something just afforded to a...

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Are You Diffused…….Yet?

Diffusers?  How relevant are they to a healthier and virus free household?  Major relevant!  Why?   Diffusers are really clever little devices that enable you to distribute beautiful and purposeful aromas throughout your home, office or storage areas to create a...

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Cacao Almond Chews

Cacao Almond Chews There’s a delicious little treat you can make if you have a standard food processor or Thermomix, or strong – high powered blender.  I call them Cacao Almond Chews. Here’s what you will need. 150 grams of soaked organic dates 260 grams of organic...

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The Wrong Fuel!

 'What is the worst thing you could possibly do with your vehicle?'.... Answer, well there is probably several 'worst things' you could do, but I'm going to share with you about 'the one thing that I did, that was really about the worst thing I could have done to my...

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Brace Brace Brace!

This is the Captain, brace for impact!"  Imagine if you were on a routine flight, and you heard those words!  Imagine the adrenalin that would flow through your body, perhaps even your ‘life flashing before your eyes’.  Your sympathetic nervous system would be in full...

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