This is the Captain, brace for impact!”  Imagine if you were on a routine flight, and you heard those words!  Imagine the adrenalin that would flow through your body, perhaps even your ‘life flashing before your eyes’.  Your sympathetic nervous system would be in full blown overload, and your cortisol levels would also be through the roof.  If you tried to function in that state for 24 hours a day, your life would be very short and unbearable.  So, consider what it would have been like for those people on board that flight or any flight for that matter where those words are called out by the attendants or captain.  What would be important to you, if you heard those words? How would you react?  Brace for impact means just that, get ready for something uncertain, dangerous or possibly amazing!

When I look at the documentary on Sully Sullenberger (Captain of flight 1549), the plane that was skilfully piloted into the Hudson river on a cold winters day back on Thursday 15th January 2009, I feel absolute respect and awe for Captain Sully.  Played magnificently in Clint Eastwood’s new movie ‘Sully’.

155 people on board US Airways flight 1549 met potential disaster in the sky over New York City.  Captain Sully managed to land that plane on the river and all people on board, lived to see another day.  It was extraordinary, and although harrowing for all concerned, their lives were changed for ever.  It gets me thinking, we never know when our time will be up, and if we did, would we change some of the things we are doing today (yes I’d still clean my desk up), or would we just carry on with what we are currently doing.

Survivors of that flight talk about life for them now, after surviving such a situation. Many of them are more family orientated, and have slowed down their pace considerably.  They are in a state of gratitude, and have found ways to give to those in need. One fellow in the documentary says he has been given a second chance to make his life right!  Another mentioned that they no longer worry about trivial things.

I urge you to look at the trailer of this film and to consider the futility and fragility of life, and enjoy every precious second.   The Trailer for ‘Sully’.

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Brace Yourself!