Doesn’t it feel good to watch the news?  Said no one ever!  I don’t know about you, but I feel very drained when I watch any sort of commercial TV, I’ve actually disconnected myself from it.  I prefer selected movies or documentaries, or none of the above, just being outside, watching ‘nature TV!

The words ‘Breaking’, and ‘News’ are now threaded together like an antagonistic partner in doing nothing more than raising the adrenaline in the human affecting the ‘adrenal glands’, which sit anatomically just above your kidneys and weigh little more than 10 grams collectively.

Do you realize that every time you hear those words, it’s like you are being programmed to pay attention and be subjected to yet another barrage of selected exploited stories around violence, anger, outrage, ‘somebody did somebody wrong’ and the like.  I used that very title to get your attention, it worked didn’t it??

Also note the colours, Dark blue and Red, primary colours, designed to send an urgent message!  Just imagine the words in pastels – BREAKING NEWS.. breaking news!  See what I mean!

This sort of constant daily or nightly or even hourly assault for some has become an expected experience that triggers something in the brain for more violence, more grief, even though we don’t want it, the program has been created in our psyche and the hunger, as I refer to it, must continue to be fed.

I’d love to change that program.  The only news I’m interested in is Good News.  There are a few other people that I know of that feel the same way.  John Krasinski, the actor comes to mind.  He and his friends created SGN, ‘Some Good News’SGN was or is produced and presented by John Krasinski here’s a link.

I love what John, has created from his home in the USA, during the height of the pandemic, bringing good-natured humor and more enlightening and uplifting content to any audience lucky enough to tune into the weekly briefings from their home PCs.

I’ve heard this ‘Good news is boring!’  Really?!!!  Yes, I actually heard someone say that!  ‘Not dramatic enough!’ they said.  Well, that is how our world has developed, so I’m keen to smash that thought process and bring ‘Good News’ back in a way that is really exciting and really dramatic.  Why can’t positive news be dramatic and exciting, why can’t we develop a new program that layers a whole bunch of new neural pathways in our brains, and seeds a crop of joy in our life?

Let’s look at how we can bring more good news to our everyday productions.  First off, I’m one for starting out the day in a frame of mind that acknowledges what’s good.  When I wake up, I say to anyone who is listening, ‘wow I’m awake, I’m alive!’ Fantastic.  Today is going to be a good day, because I’ve already started it with a good vibe, I’m alive.  If there is an inkling that I’m not in a good frame of mind, I put on some music and do a little dance until I am in a good frame of mind.

There’s a family who has been sharing their videos online, I love them, they are the Holderness Family, here is a link to one of their videos – I love their take on things.  Enjoy xx  

Make time to seek out more good news for yourself because it’s certainly not going to be coming your way unless you purposefully look for it! let’s really Break the news.  …. oh and do yourself a favour and check out the many videos that this gorgeous family have made, it will put a smile on your dial. xx Annie

A Link to the Holderness Family Fun Stuff.