Tripping Over Pumpkins

Tripping Over Pumpkins

Recently while my husband Darryl, was dumping a full wheelbarrow of garden debris into our Mulch pile, he quite literally ‘tripped over the largest pumpkin’ we have ever grown.  It was magnificent and ready to be picked right at that moment! So he brought it up to the house with a proud look on his face, and I was delighted to take delivery of our wild, homegrown creation.

On close inspection around the banana trees and pumpkin patch, we could see there were more pumpkins developing. This got me thinking about our garden and the extraordinary growth and advancement that has taken place, particularly over the last 16 months. They say that ‘every problem of the world can be solved with a garden‘.  I agree with this sentiment so much, as I have felt the therapy of my garden on many an occasion.  I find myself preferring the company of my plants for longer periods of time.  As I draw in the vibration of the green leaves and aesthetics of the flowers and their scents, there is no better place to be.  What about you?  Do you have a garden?


First Aid For Injury And Shock

First Aid For Injury And Shock

When you experience an injury or someone you care for experiences an accident, there is a degree of anguish, shock, action, and ‘care’ that goes through your mind, as the adrenaline flows, and your body goes into the ‘sympathetic nervous system’.  I was reading about first responders who came to the aid of a man bitten by a great white shark. They responded to a shark attack at Newcomb Hollow Beach where a 26-year-old man named Medici was boogie-boarding with his girlfriend’s brother.

At least three off-duty Wellfleet lifeguards ran to help the injured man. So did several beachgoers, who tried to stem the flow of blood with a leash from the board, a dog’s leash, and towels. The man’s legs were bitten, witnesses said.”  Can you imagine how shocking that would be for the young man and those people around the incident?  Sadly the man passed away, which greatly affected all those who were involved with getting him out of the water and applying the tourniquets etc.

In the last 10 years or so, there is a new emphasis on recognizing the mental health aspects of emergency response, as people who have been involved with a rescue or seen way too much blood and carnage are often deeply affected long after the scene.  Although my father wasn’t involved in a shark attack, the shock, and strain of his fall were taxing enough.  But gratefully we did have some tools to put in place to help him.

Falls are the leading cause of unintentional injury in older Australians. As our population ages and the number of older people grows, the likelihood of more falls and fall-related hospitalizations increases.

Nearly 1 in 3 older Australians have experienced a fall in the past 12 months. Of these, 1 in 5 required hospitalization.

Even when falls don’t cause an injury, they often trigger a loss of confidence in an older person and lead to the ongoing fear of falling. Over time, this can lead to the person limiting their movements and reducing their activity, which further increases the risk of falling.

A recent example of ‘falling trauma’ was when my father fell on the gravel road not far from our home.  The first I knew of it, my husband Darryl, came to me in the hallway of the house and said that he had just caught sight of my dad and that he was approaching the front entrance with blood all over him, he had fallen while walking.  I’m glad Darryl prepared me, as he also said gently, ‘keep calm’.  I took a breath and prepared myself as much as I could for whatever I would see. (more…)

Behind the Song ‘Hey Jude’

Behind the Song ‘Hey Jude’

I love to listen to the lyrics of most songs that I hear and analyze the meaning if I can.  I’ve had problems with songs, like Australia Crawls ‘Reckless’, I could hardly understand the lyrics for a while, but that’s okay once I looked up the lyrics it made more sense, but my article today is about a beautiful song by the English rock band, The Beatles, which was released as a single in August 1968. Hey Jude is a song that was written by Paul McCartney and credited to the Lennon–McCartney partnership. (more…)

The Power Of  A Garden To Heal

The Power Of A Garden To Heal

2020 has been more about the garden for me, which means not as much writing!  I was a bit guilty about it at first then a friend said to me, ‘you know your garden time is okay Annie because there are different ways to express, create and release, this year it’s the garden, and the garden has been your saviour.’

Although looking at me, with the scratches, bumps, and grazes I’ve sustained from moving around rocks, wood chips, lifting fence palings, tripping on pavers, planting trees, uprooting trees, trimming, etc, you may not agree about the ‘saviour’ bit. Thank goodness for Correct X. I use this for my skin cuts etc. I’ll have it on the website for more information.

I find the garden very satisfying, despite the injuries! I was always a bit ‘gun-ho‘ as a little girl growing up. I would dive right in and give my dad a hand moving around garden waste, helping him create a bluestone wall in the back yard, while my more studios brothers were inside studying. (more…)

Niacin, Vitamin B3 – We Need It More Now Than Ever!

Niacin, Vitamin B3 – We Need It More Now Than Ever!


Niacin Why We Need It!

What do you know about Niacin?  Like most people, probably not much!  Niacin (Vitamin B3) is one of the most underrated players in the B Complex Vitamins. Your body gets niacin through food but also makes small amounts from the amino acid *Ltryptophan. Every part of your body needs Niacin to function properly.

As a supplement, niacin is vital, especially for ‘mental health’, balancing emotions, and dealing with good and bad news. Niacin may help lower cholesterol, ease arthritis, and boost brain function, among other benefits. Let’s focus on the brain function part first. As you are reading this, your comprehension is related to how much Niacin is circulating through your nervous system. Niacin is water-soluble, so your body doesn’t store it very well. This also means that your body can excrete excess amounts of the Niacin if it’s not needed. (more…)