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Less is more.

Clutter is an issue, whether you like it or not!  At some point, you are going to have to face up to it.  What if I told you that the extra clutter around you is costing you time, money, emotional energy, and of course ‘SPACE’?

The real cost of clutter is the seemingly unending expanse of visual trauma, that reduces your productivity and creativity.  This has been my experience all my life, dealing with clutter as a result of other people, knowing that too much stuff around me, crowded my creativity. Now that costs money because if I can’t create, I can’t bring prosperity to me!

Up until the age of 10, I shared my first bedroom with two of my four brothers, then we moved to the other side of Montmorency, and I got my room.   I always had this urge to keep things tidy, but I was living in an expanding household with extra people.  I’m sure that’s where my anxiety about too many people living in confined spaces began.

So fast forward to now, 2024, working as a Lifestyle Health Consultant, one of the many issues I see and hear from my clients is around their stuff.  The emotional baggage that goes with the physical baggage is fascinating to me, as I have seen great shifts in these people when they through the decluttering part of their healing.

What needs to be decluttered?

  • Digital landscape (computer files)
  • Photos on phone
  • Contacts on phone
  • Garden decluttering,
  • Room-by-room decluttering,
  • Book releasing,
  • Old DVDs,
  • Clothing
  • Bench space - just to name a few

One particular program I have been watching - is Space Invaders.  This is a Nine Network production.  Four amazing people, all specialists in their field hook up with various people that have reached out in ‘pain’ about their clutter situation.  One thing I notice with all of the episodes that I’ve watched is the emotional connection and ‘story’ that’s attached to the crowded hallway, or the bedroom that is no longer the bedroom instead it has become a dumping ground for stuff.

Peter Walsh (one of the four presenters on the Space Invaders Show) shares these insights with us.  Peter’s insights.

How to begin the decluttering process:  

  1. Decide whether you are going to start with a room, cupboard, or garage.
  2. Make a space for sorting, as you take items from one area to clear a room.
  3. Look through all the items and ask yourself how each item makes you feel.  Is the item worth keeping etc?
  4. When you have selected items you can’t part with, set them aside.  You will be visiting them again for more analysis.
  5. Have a charity box, and place items there, ready to go.
  6. Have an area for items you would like to sell.
  7. Bin what you can, or put aside for recycling.
  8. Photograph your progress, this is very rewarding.
  9. Select a support person for emotional guidance.
  10. Take breaks, keep your nutrition up - make a green drink.

For more information about Clutter check out Annie’s book ‘Lifestyle Reset The Essential Guide To Healing You And The Planet’.

What no longer serves!

In the Bin or Recycle?

Watch This Space Change

Stay tuned for some more before and after photos of our clutter project, as we work through the spaces in our home offices and living areas, transforming the space and uplifting the vibe.

Here’s a link to a previous article on Decluttering.  As you read this, you will absorb the concept of changing around rooms for new energy.  It can be fun. Send me photos of your progress.  Cheers Annie