It’s the New Year 2024.  I’m thinking back on the last few weeks.  It hasn’t been easy for me!  Maybe you or someone you know has been through some pain or challenge over Christmas, I know I have, in ways I didn’t expect, but you know something I know for sure, ‘difficult times always pass‘. good things are on the horizon.  Reprieve from whatever it is that is ailing you will eventually pass, as will be the case for me.

My challenge over Christmas was having extra people in the house.  People I didn’t know, stayed with us.  Extra guests with my son. Their diet was completely different from mine.  I’m not saying that their diet was terrible, I am saying that other people’s choices were different from mine!  For example, their choice of hydration (soda, alcohol, coke) was counter-productive to all the laws of nature and staying healthy, that I live by.

It was all there in front of me, challenging me in ways I didn’t have any time to prepare for.  It was just an experience I found confronting, invasive, and overwhelming. It pressed buttons and caused me to feel uncomfortable in my own home!  I’ve not experienced that feeling since I was a young girl living with my family in Victoria.

Blocked Ears:

There are side effects to everything I guess.  My lifestyle habits have always suited me, I have thrived, yet despite that, in the lead-up to Christmas day, I ended up with blocked ears, so I went to the local doctor.  Before the nurse flushed the water in my ears, she asked me if I had been experiencing any extra stress.  I said, ‘Yes’ immediately, like it rolled off my tongue without hesitation.  I know what stress feels like. I had been holding in my feelings to some degree and winging to Darryl what I couldn’t hold in. She reminded me that of course stress raises cortisol levels in the blood stream, which can and does increase ear wax in the ears.

The nurse attempts to flush the left and right ear with warm salty water. Which I have experienced before with no ill effects. I ended up experiencing pain in the left ear as a result of the last bit of flushing, it took me by surprise.  The pain I mean.  Very quickly I was moved to a bed, and now the doctor came in and raised my legs. According to the nurse, I became pale.  She was very apologetic for accidentally hurting me, ‘her words’! Of course, I became dizzy, nauseated, and nearly passed out.

Not Being Heard!

I left the doctor’s room and endured the next 5 days with pain in my left ear.  My hearing was pretty much shot!  I used the wax removal product purchased from the chemist and found that excruciating. I went back to the doctor 5 days later, just so she could look with the otoscope into the ear, and sure enough, it was infected.  I ended up having to resort to antibiotics, which is another issue in itself, upsetting the Gut Biome.  Then, and this is the straw that broke the camel’s back for me, I lost my voice, completely.

All of this while attempting to have some sort of Christmas, which is what I’d been looking forward to, but it didn’t end up being very joyful for me!

Natural Products:

Of course, I used many of my natural products, and essential oils, and continued with my Vitamin C powder, Green drinks etc,  but despite that, I still had to go to the chemist.  In the one week leading up to Christmas, I was at the chemist 4 times, that’s more times than I’ve visited the chemist in 4 years!

I am aware that some people took extra people into their homes over Christmas as a result of flooding and misfortune, I get that, and we have done that before when we lived in North Queensland, but when we had people up North it was for a very brief time and they were more ‘like-minded’ guests.

It’s a given that most homes swell with volumes of people over the holiday period and clearly, I’m challenged by that extra activity when it’s in the house and when I feel like I’m losing control of the situation.  Is it because I’ve become set in my ways?

Reflecting on this I could cope with the washing machine, and dishwasher in full use morning and night, (only just), however, the smell of barbequed meat, permeating through the house, on the first few nights of our guests being with us, well it bothered me! Shook my emotional foundations you might say! Meat in the refrigerator, in plain view as soon as I opened the door - another button pusher!

Christmas Carnage For Animals:

It’s no secret that Christmas time is carnage for the animals, it’s not much fun to be a turkey, chicken, pig, cow, prawn, or fish.  The plight of animals and their demise is the last thing on the mind of the meat-eater, but ever torturous for the Vegan or Vegetarian.  This is not a judgment, I want to be clear on that, it’s an observation of how eating choices can divide a room, and how eating a certain way can and does have consequences.

I’d never seen our kitchen sink so dirty after washing up.  I always remind my students of the difference between a plant-based diet and an animal-product diet, which can be seen in the washing-up water and the ring around the sink. If we go inside the body we can see that just like the sink, the residue is just as grubby! Again, this is not a judgement this is a clear observation of the by-product of a consumer choice!

Unsettled and Broken Boundaries:

I was unsettled by my guest’s choices. I’ve been able to adequately avoid this pain for years, by keeping our Christmas lunch Vegetarian at least, and if friends did come with meat, that meat was cooked at their own homes.  Most of my friends are plant-based people and respect my beliefs.  My boundaries were penetrated, and broken through at this Christmas time.  I will not allow that to happen again.

Now that the new year has begun, I can begin to rebuild my nervous system and my body for happier times.  You may ask how I repair my nervous system. well, cultivating healthier habits is a positive start…See my article on The seven Healthy Empowered Habits.

Oh, and if you were challenged like me over Christmas, I welcome your comments.  Here’s another blog that I found most interesting about Surviving Christmas if you are a Vegan…