When you only have a small storage area, for vehicles and boxes and stuff etc, there comes a time when you just have to bite the bullet and clean things up.

So I tackled the garage, to practise what I’m preaching, which is to declutter and take before and after photos, which tell the story of what I used to clean and restore the area to a nice clean look.

Pretty Messy, not functional for Me to Find Things!

So when I started, I had some extra furniture waiting to go to our Son’s unit, boxes of cardboard boxes, and the elusive shoe boxes, which I always tell myself, ‘That will be handy one day!’  One day never comes, so out they go.  It was with great pleasure that we stomped on them to flatten them down so they would fit in the recycle bin.

I cleaned the walls and skirting boards with ‘The Healthy Home Solutions product’ - Spray Away, what a magnificent product Spray Away is.  To look into this one more click on this link:  We use it for everything.  I also diffused Easy Air (Breathe), On Guard Blend and Siberian Fir essential oil, around the garage.  I let the sunshine in, which was so special to warm up the environment and dry it out.  Then I went through the process of working out what I no longer wanted to house or store in that area. What could be given away, discarded or kept and of course what could go to the bin.

When I started this project you can see from the photos it was a full landscape, now I have a fresh garage and an adequate storage area, which makes me happy to visit, and I do.  I estimated that I would go to this part of the house, several times a day.  If there is a room or storage area that you visit several times a day and it displeases you, get on to moving the energy around.  Make the changes, clean it up, and declutter your little hearts out, the emotional rewards are exceptional, and ‘mental health’ is always the winner.

Stay tuned for more updates on our decluttering projects and services.

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Finished job, repurposed carpet, cabinets moved!

Cabinets clutter up the storage area!

Complete clean and wash of walls with Spray Away