Let’s face it, there are a lot of distractions around, especially if you own a ‘smartphone’, or your work requires you, to pound away at the computer keyboard.  All I have to do is go onto Facebook or even someone’s Instagram page, and that’s it, I can lose a few hours, a few precious hours if I’m not careful!  The art of avoiding distraction really is an art!

I’ve been easily distracted!  Having conversations with friends and colleagues tells me I’m not the only one.  Writing about this is interesting because I know the solution, but maintaining discipline is a lot like the athlete in the gym.  They know they must do a certain amount of lifting to tone a muscle, build strength and be able to command stamina in competition, they know they must employ discipline to work the physical muscle and they are aware of the sabotaging events that take control of the mind and interfere with that focus.

A lack of focus can lead to distraction, overwhelm, and a lack of real progress on your goals.  If you can stay focused longer then you can manage time better, be more productive and get all that important stuff done!

Building your focus muscle will also boost your attention span, improve your confidence, and help you achieve your goals faster.

If you’re struggling to stay focused, maybe some of my tips will help you to change that:

Here are Seven Focus Tips that help you with avoiding distraction:

  1. Eliminating distraction is important to stay focused. You can’t get your most important work done if you can’t stay focused. To stay focused, it’s important to eliminate the distractions that cause you to lose focus and concentration. Identify the common distractions!  Reward yourself with solid time on your business projects then and only then allow some time for distraction.  Just on this to help you right from the word go, a distraction could be your phone on the desk!
  2. Earn your ‘Fun time’.  Set up a reward time frame like, “after I carry out these 7 phone calls, I will reward myself with a little walk around the garden” or, I’ll write this piece then I’ll watch a quick video, that makes me laugh.
  3. Plan your day the night before and stick to it!   Be sure to allow adequate space for ‘healthy daydreaming’.
  4. Avoid multi-tasking - You are more likely to stay focused and achieve your goals if you eliminate multitasking. Eliminating multi-tasking helps you focus on your most important work, and ensures you are more effective or productive. Multi-tasking can be stressful and limits creativity and productivity.
  5. Check your environment - Creating a space that helps you stay focused and removes clutter and distractions will instantly boost your productivity. When you have physical and mental clutter it’s easy to get distracted and lose focus.  Avoid the trap of over-cleaning up, that’s more like a diversion, putting off the inevitable.  Diffuse a citrus essential oil in your workplace, like ‘Lime or Lemon’.  I use Wild Orange or Litsea, Focus Blend, and Peppermint and I apply Frankincense to the back of my neck!
  6. When my mum was alive she would share this wisdom with me, she would say, “always do the hardest job first“.  That advice has helped me to get many difficult things done.  Thanks, mum!
  7. Meditate - You can always increase your focus and avoid distractions by eating healthier, sleeping better, and allowing breaks during the day to meditate. Cutting back your to-do list and working for shorter intervals will also increase your energy and focus. When you have higher levels of energy, you feel happier, have more confidence, and can increase your focus.

Distractions can be positive too sometimes, like when a loved one passes away, and you are just trying to deal with that loss, that’s the time to give yourself a mental break, and be kind and patient with yourself.   When you are talking to yourself, use kind words.  Kindness to self means kindness to others.

We talk about these things at our Lifestyle Reset Retreats.  We do not claim to be experts, just well-versed in the art of identifying sabotaging behavior and addressing positive ways to change for the better.  Now excuse me while I get on with the next task, oh, and then I’ve allowed myself some music and garden time.  Cheers Annie xx


PS….Just out of interest how many of you clicked on my Facebook and Instagram links in the opening paragraph?  …… see I bet you got distracted!  see you did it again didn’t you?