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It’s intriguing about human nature. Some people need a diagnosis to ‘rocket’ them into action to be proactive with their health; others are completely in the zone to live their life with the mindset of ‘if its going to be, its up to me’ and with that extend their life!
Recently one of my clients came to me with a folder full of X-ray’s, Doctors reports, medication details and appointments for the proposed surgery date. They were now faced with the prospect of their mortality, and realised that everything they had been doing up until present day had been creating their disease, and they were abruptly brought into the zone, where the focus was now on some new lifestyle habits and choices, or else!  This person was in some mental turmoil, to say the least, but now completely motivated to make some changes.  My job was to help them understand the ingredients they were using for their ‘lifestyle disease cake’ and what brought the condition to them in the first place, so they could make some positive changes and not repeat the pattern.

My client can now see that there was a very detailed ‘recipe’ for the condition they created, and although it may appear that the ‘disease cake’ is cooking away in the oven on high temp, there is now an awareness.  They can always remove the cake from the oven, and begin to create a new ‘lifestyle cake recipe’, which when created, doesn’t even need to be put in the oven!

What am I talking about? The potential ‘disease cake’ that you may be baking. Perhaps your recipe is different from John Doe’s, it doesn’t matter, if you are putting your ingredients into this cake every second, every minute and every hour of every day of your life, you are creating something!

‘The good news’, I reminded my client, ‘is one can lay the foundations for Model and Make ‘John Doe’ 12 months from the existing date – therefore stripping back the diseased tissue with good nutrition, juices and other lifestyle alterations that will not only bring one into alignment with vitality but empower one to take charge of their own health.
You have the power to create ‘magnificent health’, and turn your disease into ‘liv-ease’  – living with ease and grace. Observing nature in all her forms, following natural hygiene principals, cleaning out the colon, eating more life giving foods, and really thinking about what you are thinking about!
On the 17th September, myself and Gwen Toholka will be doing a one day workshop – Our title is very simply - ‘Let’s Get Real About Life’.   This is a full day event, that will take place at Cooroy Library from 10am until 3pm. We will discuss aspects of physical and mental health in ways that people will understand and remember.  This seminar will change the way you think about everything!

My modalities are nutrition, food preparation, Iridology, raw foods, bowel health and fitness;  I will be speaking about the ingredients you will need to create magnificent healthy bodies and minds with enough left over energy to be able to embrace spirit.

Gwen ToholkaGwen will be story telling her way through most of the human experiences and emotions, that can sometimes get out of hand, and get Unreal! Gwen believe’s to feel complete within, you need to discover what’s going on in your mind, what you put into your mouth and what you feel in your heart. She believes, many people these days have lost the art of being ‘real’.  Gwen says “let’s get back to enjoying self love, loving of others, sharing and caring. Who cares what anyone else thinks…..let’s get back to being ‘real’.

When you become sick, it can be very disempowering following the standard orthodox medical approach>  The first vow of a doctor is ‘first do no harm’, ( I think this message needs to be in bold capital letters above every surgery entrance, every reception room in general practise around the world). Having said that I don’t want to see a herbalist if I need an amputation, and I have the greatest of admiration for brain surgeons and many medical people, some of them are my best friends.  Getting real about life and health is all about responsibility.  That’s what you will learn when you take on the real understanding of ‘Dont’ Wait For The Diagnosis!’.  Iive your life like a healthy person now!

If I was born a century ago, I would have been burned at the steak for some of the things I do and talk about today! I am obviously into the natural way, and love to empower my clients to look after themselves. I do this by living the life I was meant to live and enjoying good health, every day. I teach my clients about raw food preparation, and make it as simple as fresh and natural food is. Recipes that only have the minimum of ingredients, and the minimum of fuss to prepare.

If you are even a tenee weanie bit interested in learning more, then check out more about this seminar here and make this one day seminar in Cooroy your business to attend.. Can’t wait to see you there.  Book on this website.
About Annie:
Annie Clark has over 27 years’ experience working in the health Industry. A qualified Lifestyle Health Consultant practising Iridology, Remedial Massage, Swedish massage, Rayid Diagnosis and NES (Nutrienergetic Systems) Health scans.
Annie: is an author of books on health and lifestyle topics, from raw food preparation to bowel health. A guest speaker on topics such as Natural Food preparation, Alkaline living, Bowel health and Managing stress. She has self-published over 17 books on lifestyle topics. Her 3 best sellers are IN THE RAW, THE POO IN YOU and MUFFIN MANIA. These books are a testimony to Annie’s frank approach to keeping and staying well by embracing natural hygiene and good sense.200 x 200 Image Annie

Anne runs a private retreat in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, carries out Raw Food workshops several times a month, weekly ‘Essential Oil Education Classes’, and private consultations with clients who come to her for a variety of reasons; some of them being; nutritional advice, menu planning, bowel health, low energy, allergies, weight gain, hormonal issues, immune threatening diseases and managing stress.
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