Hello, and welcome to my doTERRA page.

Please use this link to view the the 3 videos and to expore the Do It Yourself, Recipes and Healthy Living connections.
For setting up your account, please contact Annie and she will guide you through the process.

“The greatest gifts I can give to you is the gifts of ‘inspiration’, ‘health’ and ’empowerment’!
Starting with inspiration; if you are inspired, you are motivated, if you are motivated you will do something about your health, both mental and physical.
If you are empowered nothing will stop you on your journey towards, emotional and physical contentment.
I am a Wellness Advocate with Doterra International, but I’m first of all a Wellness Advocate for myselfand for all the people who come within my influence.”

I look forward to hearing from you to talk about things that matter to you, and find a mutual connection in both service and friendship.

Blessings Annie.