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You may have experienced Iridology either in consultation or as part of your retreat experience, either way, you are in for a treat with this course. ZOOM CLASS.  ON LINE.

Iridology is the science and practice that reveals inflammation, where located, and in what stage it is manifesting. This class was created to give insight into this specialist field, increase one’s knowledge of the human body, and explore how the body shows us when there is healing and when there is illness.

The Iris reveals the body’s constitution, inherent weaknesses, levels of health, and the transitions that take place in a person’s body according to the way he/she lives.

You will learn about your constitution, the 7 zones that begin at the pupil and end at the area where your colour meets the white of the eye.

In approaching the study of Iridology, one must have an open mind, open eyes, and a willingness to learn more about human anatomy and physiology.  If you are not sure about your anatomy and physiology, that’s not a problem as In this beginner’s class you will learn more about your body and how it works.

Iridology, or Iridiagnosis, is the study of the irises of eh eyes for the purpose of determining the state of the tissues of the human body.

What is included in this class:

  • Understanding of the Constitution and how to use this for studying your own wellbeing
  • Annie’s book – Lifestyle Reset, The Essential Guide To Healing You And The Planet (value $40)Anne Clark Consultations
  • Photograph through email.
  • Iridology Chart
  • Quality notes sent out via mail (with your book) also receive online.

Join us for an informative and generous event.

The development of this wonderful and fascinating science, especially in its early days, was mainly due to the endeavors of medical men and women who became devoted to the principles of natural treatment as they began to understand the relationship of tissue change, to natural requirements.

Iridiagnosis, therefore, can be accepted and utilized to its best advantage by those who understand the principles of natural philosophy.

NOTE:  It should not be used to replace other acceptable forms of diagnosis, such as X-ray, pathology tests, urinalysis, etc., but rather as a valuable confirmatory or prognostic form of diagnosis.  Iridiagnosis is a valuable diagnostic tool and can only enhance a Naturopathic Practitioner as he/she works to help a patient with the correct solution and treatment for their troubles.



Month Long Event (march)

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