When you experience an injury or someone you care for experiences an accident, there is a degree of anguish, shock, action, and ‘care’ that goes through your mind, as the adrenaline flows, and your body goes into the ‘sympathetic nervous system’.  I was reading about first responders who came to the aid of a man bitten by a great white shark. They responded to a shark attack at Newcomb Hollow Beach where a 26-year-old man named Medici was boogie-boarding with his girlfriend’s brother.

At least three off-duty Wellfleet lifeguards ran to help the injured man. So did several beachgoers, who tried to stem the flow of blood with a leash from the board, a dog’s leash, and towels. The man’s legs were bitten, witnesses said.”  Can you imagine how shocking that would be for the young man and those people around the incident?  Sadly the man passed away, which greatly affected all those who were involved with getting him out of the water and applying the tourniquets etc.

In the last 10 years or so, there has been a new emphasis on recognizing the mental health aspects of emergency response, as people who have been involved with a rescue or seen way too much blood and carnage are often deeply affected long after the scene.  Although my father wasn’t involved in a shark attack, the shock, and strain of his fall were taxing enough.  But gratefully we did have some tools to put in place to help him.

Falls are the leading cause of unintentional injury in older Australians. As our population ages and the number of older people grows, the likelihood of more falls and fall-related hospitalizations increases.

Nearly 1 in 3 older Australians have experienced a fall in the past 12 months. Of these, 1 in 5 required hospitalization.

Even when falls don’t cause an injury, they often trigger a loss of confidence in an older person and lead to the ongoing fear of falling. Over time, this can lead to the person limiting their movements and reducing their activity, which further increases the risk of falling.

A recent example of ‘falling trauma’ was when my father fell on the gravel road not far from our home.  The first I knew of it, my husband Darryl, came to me in the hallway of the house and said that he had just caught sight of my dad and that he was approaching the front entrance with blood all over him, he had fallen while walking.  I’m glad Darryl prepared me, as he also said gently, ‘keep calm’.  I took a breath and prepared myself as much as I could for whatever I would see.

Sure enough there he was covered in grazes and cuts, under his eye being the most blaring and in need of a clean.  I felt sick in my stomach, as I saw blood all over his face and a significant cut that was bordering on stitches.  Things always look worse when there is blood everywhere.  I looked him over and noticed the shoulder was grazed, both knees skinned, more apparent the left side for the knee and under the right eye for the gash.  His right arm was also bruising before my very eyes, and there were 3 deep cuts with skin flaps just below the elbow on the forearm.  A graze on the hand and a cut on one of his fingers.  He did a good job of it!

Okay, so injuries were noted, the shock was evident, and now it was time to get into first aid.  So I got a stainless steel bowl and filled it with purified clean warm water, added salt, and a few drops each of lavender and Tea tree essential oil.  I proceeded to wipe around the injuries and clean around and in the wounds.  I cut away some of the flapped skin, which exposed any loose gravel still embedded into the skin.  I wiped around dad’s eye and removed some more gravel.

Dad said that he felt like he had eaten gravel.  His right eye was bloodshot, but there didn’t appear to be any gravel, stones, or dirt in it, so I gave him some calming words about that, all the while reminding him to keep calm, without saying those words, as I continued to look at the fabric now drenched in ‘the warm water solution’ with blood and dirt greedily hanging on!  I wiped away the traces of dirt on his skin and applied ‘Balance Essential oil’ around his wrists and back of his neck.  I used the Balance to calm myself as well.  I put extra Frankincense essential oil on his skull and on myself.

The next thing I did was ask him about where he was in pain, if at all, where he felt stiff, sore if he had a headache, or felt anything in the eye as he rolled his eyes around.  All clear!  Great, teeth were all in place too, which was wonderful, and lucky.  He was conscious and able to joke a little about the situation.  This is the second time in 3 years that dad has had a fall where I was either present or for this recent fall, close by.

The irony of all this is I have been teaching some fitness and yoga classes for dad, helping him to get up from a fall, or from a lying down position in a confident manner.  I’m sure without a doubt that the 4 weeks of training in the lead up to his fall had helped dad, as somehow he managed to get up from the ground and then walk half a kilometer back to our place!

After cleaning all the wounds, asking specific questions, applying shock essential oils (Balance, Console, Frankincense), and removing the bloodied clothing I was able to now treat the wounds, and this is where I went in with two adversaries, one being Correct X ointment, absolutely amazing, often referred to as ‘Liquid Stitches’, and the essential oil queen ‘Helichrysum’, which is fantastic for bruises, cuts, open wounds, and infections.

I applied a liberal amount of both Correct X and Helichrysum every few hours.  I covered the eye area with a soft bandage, and also the knee, as they were the worst, and bandaged up the arm, applying a dab of Correct X on the inside pad of each bandaid as I worked my way around the various grazes and abrasions.

Dad then had a rest for a little while, as it was in the morning that he had his fall. I kept his fluids up, warm teas, and later soup.  We covered the bed with towels and put Lavender Peace in the diffuser beside his bed, so his mind would go into a more restful state. Within 24 hours, dad was out walking again, with bandages and fresh dressing, and he was healing exceptionally well. Every time I removed a bandage to apply more oil, I could see a softening, the fire going out of the red grazes, and the repairing was progressive, no infection, and less discomfort for dad.

All this got me thinking, ‘what would I have done if I didn’t have my essential oils?  What would Dad’s face look like 6 days after the fall?  I know for sure he didn’t end up with a black eye because of the Helichrysum, as we used this essential oil before when dad fell down on the concrete in Edge Hill, 2 1/2 years ago, and even the paramedics who treated dad at the scene were satisfied I had things in hand when I told them I would use Helichrysum on dads injuries!

I had hoped that the first fall would be the last fall, but accidents happen, even to the younger more agile folk.  I have put together a first aid selection of essential oils that I believe are a must for any family and individual, so that they are never caught out and can heal a wound or burn substantially more effectively than without.


My top pics or must-haves in your First aid essential oil kit are as follows:

The Essential Collection Kit, which has the lavender and tea tree included that you will need for bathing a wound, in warm water and a pinch of salt.

If you have been sunburned, then the Lavender is ideal for that too with some Fractionated coconut oil.

Frankincense: which is included in the Essential Collection Kit, for calming the nervous system.

Correct X for applying directly to the wound, for helping the area to heal effectively.

Kit Price = $320.00 (approx.) 230 PV.


5ml or in the 10ml roll-on bottle to apply to the area that may bruise, so with Helichrysum, you will diminish this prospect.

Ice Blue (which has Helichrysum as one of the ingredients), to apply to any bruised or inflamed areas.  Preferably not on Brocken skin!

For more information contact Annie Clark 0402 166 187  www.anneclark.com.au.