All over the world communities are dealing with wheater events, either flood, fire, wind, cyclones, heat waves, cold snaps, and possible devastation, or destruction from any one of these weather events.  In our little corner of Queensland, we have certainly experienced our fair share.  Recent Flooding in Noosa and around the Hinterland areas, Gympie, oh dear Gympie.  Flooding takes no prisoners as it washes away belongings, topsoils, and in my case freshly laid wood chips without mercy.

So, the clean-up afterward is an emotional quest as you work out what is really important and what is a waste of your precious time.  I listened to an ABC news report, where a lady described what it was like for her family sitting on their kitchen bench as water lapped at their dangling feet.  The lady was in the suburb of Lismore which experienced torrential rain so quickly that she and her family along with other people were caught unaware.  Sitting on her table she described her immediate threat, which was the fridge about to topple over.  In a tense moment, she politely said, the interview would need to stop because she and her kids needed to climb up to their roof!  Puts everything into perspective, doesn’t it!

The lady mentioned that the water had risen as far as 14 meters, and was still rising.  I’m thinking about the mould and mildew that will develop after the waters subside. The humidity that will come in like a sneaky mist and create an environment for mould to thrive. I see that my essential oils will serve their rightful purpose for the aromatic reprieve and the cleaning needed will involve mould remediation. Read about ‘Easy Air Essential oil blend - Breathe.’ for more information on that.

Damp areas that are not able to dry out become a toxic problem for the lungs of the humans that dwell around these environments.  This is something I know about firsthand after living in Kuranda, North Queensland.  Roof leaks and expanding timbers become another side effect of a relentless ‘rain bomb’.  ***On Guard*** a must-have for cleaning and breathing better!

Dehumidifiers become our lifeline, our electronic saviors as they whirl away in the strategic positions within a room.  Preparation, before you employ a dehumidifier, is essential.  When you look through the Damp Solutions Website you will learn more about what you can do to prevent mould from building up.  Dehumidifiers are devices that suck out the moisture before it settles on your furniture, paper, belongings, and walls.  You don’t want to be breathing in live mould spores.  You may like to read this article for more clarity on what to do when you find you have a mould problem and where to start.- How do I control the humidity? 

If you are experiencing the stress of flooding at your home or office, take heart and remember, this time will soon pass.  I remember the SES volunteer, bless his heart, sweeping up glass and bits of tree in a room at our place in North Queensland.  Cyclone Steve was 22 years ago, and I still remember the sound of the tree falling on our roof and the fear of more trees falling after the initial one. The SES guy was sweeping, he looked over at me, sensing my distress and he said that in 6 months’ time, we will be talking about this around the dinner table, and you will be able to put this disaster behind you. His words transported me emotionally 6 months ahead, and I calmed down and got on with the clean-up.

We all like to feel we are proactive when disaster hits, this helps us to get through it.  Real stress happens when we are completely overwhelmed by the damage, loss, and destruction, and our control of the situation is taken away.  A solution is - If we feel we have some control over it, this can be a good coping mechanism.  There must be something we can do, something that brings us closer to normality, which is what was stripped from us in the first place.  Check out my article ‘Why buy an umbrella when the sun is shining?’  This will give you a bit more of an idea of a strategy you could employ before things get difficult, or even after the damage is done, this article will give you some good ideas for moving forward.

Be safe and smart and you will get through it.  A final note, when more rain is predicted, when the disaster is not over, you will need to have something up your sleeve to help with the emotional stress, don’t be afraid to reach out to close friends or professionals who know how to counsel you through these times.  Take it from me, 22 years ago when the water was rising around our property, and lapping at the doors, when the tree penetrated through the roof and took a discovery tour through one side of our house, I certainly felt all the ingredients of stress. The SES guy was an angel and I will always be grateful for his wisdom and good-hearted nature.  Stay dry and content.

X Annie Clark.