News Flash “the pressure you are under, is usually self-created!” This year, a new shiny and bright year is yours to design; may I humbly suggest that you release what no longer serves you.

I have these cards that travel around my house like a blowfly that can’t find a place to settle.  I move them to the shelf in the toilet, sometimes they rest on the kitchen bench, and every other time they are located out on the bench in the teaching area, perfect for when I’m doing retreats.  They are quite phenomenal.  Considering they have traveled down from North Queensland with me, I estimate they have been with me for more than 20 years.  They are called “Trust Your Vibe Oracle Cards” A Psychic Tool Kit for Awakening Your Sixth Sense.  By Sonia Choquette.  

You may not believe in these cards or their message, at first I doubted their significance, but I have come to trust the little gems and pieces of wisdom that I read when I need that extra confirmation.  It’s harmless enough and when used with thought and later action, quite profound.  More profound than the horoscopes you read in the back of magazines while in my case, waiting in the queue at the checkout, then placed back on the shelf as I never buy them!

Here’s why these cards are profound: The first time I used them, I was grappling with the whole concept of moving down to the Sunshine Coast from Kuranda, North Queensland.  I didn’t want to go but I knew that my family needed me down there, and as I was to find out I needed to be there for my state of being!  20 years ago on the eve of making a decision, I shuffled those cards, I pulled out the same card three times in a row.  It was, can you believe it, number 29  ‘Decide’.  Three times I pulled this card out of a shiny new deck.

I sat with the message in the little accompanying book, and brushed it off, then I shuffled the cards again, ‘Decide’ forced its way into my hands!  Again I shuffled the cards, walked away from the deck, then came back and shuffled, then drew out the card ‘Decide’, for the third time.  I had to stop and really think about what I was deciding, about a decision, about the power of intention, and the rest is history.  I found some friends to rent our home in Kuranda, packed the car with what I could, and drove down to meet up with my boys, Darryl and Jay, and although it was a bumpy time, that decision put in motion everything else that needed to happen for that journey and the events that were to follow.

Heres what the book said:

I Decide - “Two of the most powerful words to raise your vibration and gain the support of your higher celestial forces are: ‘I decide.”  The moment you truly decide on a particular goal and fully commit to a course of action, the Universe can step up and begin to assist you.  But until you decide, the only thing the Universe and all your Divine support systems can do is respect your free will and patiently wait.  Not even your angels or guides can override your lack of decision.  Once your intention is set, however, all sources of Higher Power are ready, willing, and able to assist you. 

So ask yourself:  “What have I decided, and what is my intention right now?” Once you name it, all systems are go.  

Now I’m a storyteller by nature, I do this in every talk I give, every public speaking engagement is an opportunity to share a story to emphasize my message of the subject at the time.  My stories are always true, sometimes even repetitive (according to Darryl), but they are my stories, and I enjoy telling them. You may enjoy one of my stories, which I told in a comedy routine back in 2019.  I talk about sleeping and discovering my son was a ‘sleep talker’.  I have the link here:  Stand up Comedy Graduation:

There are different types of stories, true ‘Non-fiction’ or made up - created ‘Fiction’.  It’s fair to say that some of us live in a fictional world enlarging or exaggerating the details of a story we tell ourselves in our minds, sometimes as a way of dodging truama and other times because we are trying to escape internal pressure.   Either way, there is no need to exaggerate your story, just being true to the details is enough!  But I ask you, ‘When is it time to get a new story?’

Fast forward to recently, I’m shuffling the cards, and three times in a row I pull up number 41 Get A New Story!  I take the time to read the description. 

It goes like this:  Holding on to the belief that you’re made only of old experiences disconnects you from Divine guidance and higher vibrations.  Rather than letting your past define you, view it as a story you’ve outgrown or become tired of, and invent a new story for yourself.  Create a new you - one who experiences synchronicities, magical moments, Divine assistance, and happy endings. 

Don’t define yourself by others’ impressions and judgments.  Define yourself as spirit, and invent a story that includes boundless help from your guides.  Recognize how attached you are to your old, tired story of pain, suffering, frustration, and victimhood.  See how often you re-create this miserable version of yourself when connecting with others.  Do yourself and those around you a favor and retire the old story.  It has bad vibes and cuts you off from higher guidance and positive vibrations.  

Now, just like the ‘Decide’ card, it’s ironic as I drew this card a fourth time while saying out loud, ‘Get a New Story’, Get a New Story!‘  I was saying it while sitting on my bed and chatting away with Darryl and, can you believe it? I drew this card again.  This made me ponder on the stories I’ve been running around in my own head, and as usual, I just had to share that concept with others, with you now.  The story is only as good as the story and the way you tell yourself the story.  So if I’m chanting ‘Get a New Story’ and I pull this card out of a shuffled pile of 30 odd cards, what are the odds, 30 to 1, and so there is a message in there, a very clear message as far as I’m concerned, and that message is to focus on better stories, better thoughts, because I’m going to create a result with those thoughts.  I can’t help but think about the times I’ve been negative in my thinking, and how that has contributed to exactly what I didn’t want, because that was what I was focussing on!

Release the pressure on yourself, there is nowhere to be, nowhere other than gently and calmly hanging around in your own head, and talking out loud about what you would like, and how you would like it to play out.  I’m so happy and grateful I am a creative being who can and does, bring joy to myself and others.  My new story will be written this year with some very special outcomes, what about you?

So release the pressure to be a victim, accept that you are more than that, and seek out the positive people and their positive stories.  They are there for you, all you have to do is speak it, believe it and live it.

Happy New Year.