Today, I posted out a gift, a simple and loving gift to a person who I just wanted to thank for their support. I absolutely love giving gifts, it makes me happy, and I know it helps or cheers up someone else, it’s a pleasure to do it.  Ironically, as I returned from the post office and a quick trip out, something beautiful arrived for me!  What do you know!??

I was only sharing with a friend about my joy at giving a presentation, recently to a bunch of souls who needed some cheering up.  I spent some time putting together a bit of a presentation that was relevant to their needs. I had Darryl critique my slide selection before I delivered it, and made sure the presentation was on point and appropriate to the brief I was given by the manager.

My friend was still with me when a beautiful bunch of flowers arrived from the Rambling Rose Flowers shop Cooroy.  Beautiful flowers which were fresh and magnificently put together.  The card read - Dear Annie, A big thank you for joining us for lunch on Friday and lifting our spirits!  We appreciate you taking the time to create a wonderful and entertaining presentation.  Love from your doTERRA corporate family.

I didn’t expect anything for what I carried out prior to receiving these flowers. I already received a gift by being invited or asked to present, and I felt validated by the invitation.  The flowers were just the most unexpected delight, and I really loved the gesture.

This got me thinking about the power of giving, the power of a well-timed gift, and the meaning behind it.  It’s not about the value of the gift, it’s not even about the gift itself, it’s about the ‘energy’ behind it, which really matters.

I find when I’m going through a tough time, and I need something to help me through that time, if I give out, rather than wallow in my ‘stuff’ good things come back to me in beautiful ways.  It comes back when I least expect it or during what I refer to as ‘innocent timing‘.  Innocent timing is when I have forgotten about some random act I’ve done or given, and something beautiful happens when I least expect it!

I knew this amazing guy at Kuranda Markets many years ago.  I was doing a stall on a sunny fairly warm day, selling my usual homemade cakes, slices, recipe books, some health products, etc.  The guy next to me (Dennis) was painting beautiful tropical fish images, reef and rainforest designs. I knew how long he spent on these paintings, sometimes up to a few hours on each one.  At the market that day, it was very quiet business-wise with not many tourists about, probably because it was so hot, Dennis and I imagined they were all down at the beach or snorkelling out on the reef.

I knew Dennis had not eaten yet, I knew he was sleeping on friend’s couches, or sometimes at the market.  He stored his paints and brushes and artworks under the office on the Market premises.  I knew he was struggling to make ends meet.  On this particular day, he was taking more time than usual on a beautiful painting.  A young, honeymoon-type couple were admiring his art works, and exclaiming how wonderful they were.  I watched and listened curiously.  As they motioned to move on to another stall, Dennis carefully placed his painting (about the size of an A4 Piece of paper) into a brown paper bag, and passed it over to them, winking and wishing them a happy life. “Here”, he said, “I would like you to accept this as a gift, you seemed to like it, so I want you to have it!”  The couple seemed embarrassed and insisted they couldn’t accept it, instead, they would buy it, but Dennis wouldn’t have it. He won on insistence and they walked away with one of the best paintings I’d ever seen Dennis create.

When the couple was far enough away, I looked over to Dennis and commented on how generous that was, particularly when I knew he didn’t even have enough money to pay for his lunch!  He smiled at me almost in a ‘sage-like manner, and then said the most profound thing to me, that has resonated with me up until this present day.

He said; “Yeah, if you can’t give when you are poor, how can you give when you are rich!”

I was gobsmacked, I was silent and just thought about what he said for a long time.  Ironically, Dennis sold a few paintings after that interaction, and joked with me, as he contemplated which restaurant he would visit later on!  I decided that in every stall I carried out thereafter, I would give something away. I would pick my moment, I would give a gift to someone who I just intuitively knew would value that experience, and I did it because it brought me joy and prosperity in other ways, if not more sales, just in more richness to my life.

As I mentioned previously, this one comment from Dennis became a mantra for me, or practice of reciprocity - faith that if I give out enough of myself, my time, my energy, my gifts, my love to one person at a time, that I would create positive possibilities.

My message to you in this post is, ‘Give what you want to receive’ because that action sets off a chain of events that can only return you good, however, don’t rely on it, don’t expect anything, just do it because it’s the right thing to do for you right now.  Don’t give with agenda, give because you really want to give.

Cheers xx Annie Clark.