Most people don’t understand the value of breaking wind, or farting.  Seems like farting has been given some bad press, when it’s just a by-product of the digestive process..  Where it goes wrong or where the fart is an issue is, when it’s a stinky one!  You know what I’m talking about, the Silent by Deadly one’s.

We talk about farting a lot in our household!  It’s no big deal, it’s not even funny anymore, it’s just a measure of the activity going on inside of our digestive process, and we are getting the audio version of it through the release of wind.

There are obvious foods that trigger bloating and digestive discomfort, and there are layers and layers of angst that combine in the digestive process that are just a complete and utter disaster when it comes to feeling energetic afterwards.

Every year I write about how to avoid feeling like crap over Christmas, and every year I write a little more about how to mop up the mess afterwards. I guess If you didn’t listen to the advice or warnings beforehand, then I’m happy to share and give you some mopping up clues that I think you will embrace and remember!  So what’s different about this year?  A lot.

I find myself eating very simply, regardless of what time of the year it is.  I could probably eat more than I do, and some may say I could eat less.  Either way it doesn’t matter, what does matter is how one feels after they have eaten something.  This is the true measure of the value of a meal, the by-product the end result, the transit time!

My husband and I do a bit of private personal training with a lovely guy locally, his name is Rod from Silver Fitness Cooroy.  Combined with this we do our own light weights, and exercise from home, and enjoy the benefits this gives us, like more energy, and a great appetite.  When I’m lifting weights, I can feel my internal workers calling out for nourishment.  I love having a healthy appetite and eating food that is life-giving and nourishing.  Where I know I can come unstuck and I’m sure this is the case for most people, is the food combinations.

In my original book In The Raw, first published back in 1993, (gosh, seems like an eternity from now) I went through food combinations and clearly outlined the outcomes of combining certain food groups with each other and the ramifications of getting that wrong!  An example of that would be ‘rice with nuts’, or noodles with nuts (there goes your Pad Thai) particularly if the rice dominated the nut proportion.  If it was the other way around then it wouldn’t be so bad, i.e., heaps of cashews to a small amount of rice.  Another major ingredient that would just seal the deal or make it easier on the internal employees, is broccoli!  Adding a green, a vegetable like that to cashew nuts or roasted almonds, and even lightly heating all this in a pan with coconut oil and a dash of Brag Liquid Aminos, maybe even a dash of chilli and some garlic, and you have a phenomenal combination of digestive bliss, provided you do one thing, CHEW!  This is a very simple meal, and if you added a colour like an orange or yellow vegetable, you get the Beta-carotene, which is another plus.

These lifestyle programs are teaching and preaching to us about creating gourmet meals that take hours of toil in the kitchen to only be hours of toil in the gut.  They are not  doing us a favour! Except for Jamie Oliver, I’m a fan of his, this guy is doing good things, if only he was Vegan, but hey each to his own, he may come around.  By the way, I’m not completely Vegan, I will eat the occasional free-range egg, I mean occasional, and I will indulge in a little HOME made chocolate from time to time.  I don’t like dark chocolate, I like my own chocolate, so dark chocolate is not my fav!

So back to the lifestyle programs, they are potentially corrupt and paint a distorted picture of nutrition.  No one talks about transit times, no one says, ‘hang on a sec, if I eat my T-bone steak with mash potato and then reheat my steak and have hot chips with that, I’ve just ingested a meal that is going to be hanging around in the digestive system for days.’

The mash or deep-fried chips changes the transit time of the steak substantially! Oh, and if you want to know how long a meal is taking to go through your body, just eat a few tablespoons of cooked corn or even the raw kernels, and you will see it in your bowel motion eventually.  Even if you chew, corn will always pass through the digestive system.  What always concerns me is when I see a client, we do the iridology or talk about their food etc, and they tell me they haven’t eaten ‘corn’ for months, but they notice it in a bowel movement that morning, and they show me their photograph of their body waste and I see whole pieces of vegetables which haven’t broken down because they didn’t chew.

Grapes are another food that can cause flatulence, and it’s hard to really take your time with them, because they are so delicious.  I find myself hoeing into grapes over summer or when they are genuinely in season.  One of my fondest memories, when I was a kid and lived in Victoria, my brothers and I would think nothing of emptying a substantial bag of sultana grapes in minutes, and groan with the belly ache afterwards, ‘oh dear!’   We told ourselves, the agony or after effect was worth it for the delight of those grapes!

Just for the record, water takes 15 minutes to go through your body, just pure water.  The moment you add something to it, like cordial (full of sugar cordial), then you change the benefits of the water, and now you have an argument taking place between the pancreas and the brain, and poor old pancreas will never win this argument!

Here’s the thing with grapes, when you chew them and allow grapes to sit in the mouth for a little while, your internal employees love you because they have time to prepare for the expansion and activity to follow.  I know that’s not a very technical way of looking at it, but I can give you technical (analysers will love this).  Why do we fart?

So, over the next few days experiment with yourself, and see what happens when you eat single foods, rather than combining a whole lot of different combinations.  Mono eating!  A “Mono Meal” is simply when you eat one type of food at a time and you don’t do any kind of food combining.  Below are some very good examples of mono eating.
- Eating nothing but Watermelon for breakfast.
- Eating nothing but Pears for lunch.
- Eating nothing but Mangoes for dinner.- Eating nothing but Orange Juice for a whole day.
- Eating nothing but Bananas for a whole week.

For people who are used to eating meals that have a lot of different ingredients and that require a lot of fancy food preparation, this may seem a challenge,
The very idea of eating nothing but pineapple may seem very unadventurous in the foodie’s mind, but to me the idea of eating all the pineapple that I can manage is pretty nice!  If you are thinking I have just stuffed Christmas up, please remember this is something you can do at another time, but consider ‘mono eating’ as part of your clean up after Christmas!

For more ideas on food combining, check out my book IN THE RAW... I still have some of the original copies available.

For a tonic that calms the digestive system, try 1 drop of Doterra essential oil lime, 1 drop of Sweet Fennel and 1 drop of Basil in a 1-litre glass jug.  Add room temperature water to half and hot water from the kettle to top it up and drink several glasses of this during the day.  Enjoy.