How much does the gut matter?  For some the answer would be obvious, the gut is the most important part of your ‘body factory’, the gut interprets your thoughts and feelings and turns it all around like a washing machine.  You know what it feels like when you have that uneasy feeling inside your stomach, well actually its your gut.

Recently I carried out a presentation to a full room of F45 Gym attendees.  The presentation went very well mainly because I was interacting and demonstrating real activities that could be implemented into everyday habits.

Our gut is like the antennae on a TV, what you feel in your gut is in direct proportion to the health of your brain and physical body. The gut is the first brain, relaying messages to the rest of the body and back to the second brain in the housing of the skull.

Poor gut health will affect performance, concentration, mood, and memory!

If you have suffered from skin infections, headaches, bloat, fuzzy head, depression, a sense of hopelessness, indecision, fatigue, stress, palpitations, or allergies, it’s possible the integrity of your gut has something to do with that In my next presentation which will take place during the Lifestyle Reset Retreat I will take you on a journey into the ‘body factory’, introducing you to your factory staff and giving you insights into how your digestive system works for you, all of this in easy-to-understand language and all with good humor.

In this presentation, you will learn about how to recognize the beginnings of your gut issues;


  • Discover which essential oils improve your mood and mindset, and enhance digestion and assimilation.
  • Identify your unique characteristic and get a glimpse of the art of food combining.
  • Learn how to choose foods that are easier to digest and kinder to the planet.
  • Discover a breathing technique that will change your chemistry.
  • pH testing for acid or alkaline dominance.
  • Warm water therapy and so much more……


Talk presented by Anne Clark. Author of over 19 books on health and lifestyle, including best sellers ‘The Poo In You’ and ‘In The Raw’,

Annie has facilitated Lifestyle Reset Retreats all over Australia for several decades, conducting private retreats, and Lifestyle Reset events.

This valuable presentation will change the way you think about ‘poo’, and why it’s probably a good idea to look in the toilet from time to time. E: