Regardless of whether your travel plans are for Christmas or after, traveling can be a very taxing attacker on the health of your mind and body. There are some really big ‘DON’TS’ and some equally effective ‘DO’S’, if you are planning on driving, flying or boating to your destination.  We want you to see another day when it comes to travel!

We, my husband and I, recently drove all the way up to North Queensland and back again.  We allowed 2 days for driving up, and the same for our return.  The first part of the journey was fairly smooth, Cooroy to Bowen - around 1,000 kilometers and 12 hours plus in the saddle!  Then Bowen to Cairns the next day, not so bad.

Our secret to arriving feeling good is not really a secret, but I’m surprised how many people still don’t know about Gluten and driving and how dangerous it can be!

Avoid gluten at all costs.  The reason why we avoid gluten is that gluten can act like glue in the gut, and be like a tranquilizer when you are driving.   Munching on apples, nuts and bananas, we were pretty energetic, although a little flatulent, and that was quickly sorted out with a digestive essential oil blend - Digestzen.  The old toasted cheese and tomato sandwich is a disaster waiting to happen.  Gluten makes you tired, it requires more energy and commitment from your internal employees to break it down and use it, so just like any employee in any factory, if you give it too much work to do, then there will be mass strikes and walkouts.  You can’t have your internal employees walking off the job when you are trying to stay alert and focus.  Do yourselves a favor, go Gluten free when traveling!

Don’t drink alcohol the night before an early start, or any start!  Alcohol can stay in your bloodstream for many hours after the evening event and can contribute to poor decisions on the road or even more fatigue if you are not the driver. If you are flying opt for gluten-free meals, and leave the alcohol alone.  The alcohol can also change your chemistry.  If you are a little-depressed alcohol will not make it any easier, in fact, it’s been said a happy person drunk, just gets happier or sleepy!  An angry person drunk just gets nastier and a fragile person under the influence can be unpredictable, and that’s dangerous.

Do hydrate, by all means, but try water.  H2o (Water) is the most effective drink you could put in your body especially while driving and flying.  If you are on a cruise ship it’s just as important to hydrate with water.  Generally, you are traveling through different time zones, and the hydration makes it easier for your body to cope.  Place a drop of essential oil Lime or Lemon in a Mineral Water, and before you know it you are feeling pretty special.  The mineral water can be replaced with just plain water too, but the sparkly type water really feels more celebrational. If you get sea sickness, make sure you pack some Ginger essential oil, this works a treat on land and sea.

Do pack lighter!  So always take out half of what you think you will need.  Most people (myself included) pack too much, take too many clothes and items that more than often never get used.  So pack less and feel lighter.  Make sure you have something warm for the cool nights, and something waterproof, when it rains, so that you don’t catch a chill.

Do prepare your home for while you are away.  Get this part right and you don’t come home to a fridge full of rotten food.  Put all your leftover vegetables into a juicer and make fresh juice for on the road, or cut up your leftovers into little cubes and freeze for later use.  If you have several refrigerators, pile everything into one and turn the power off the others. (put towels around the doors of refrigerators off or on, so that extra leaks are taken care of).  Have fresh sheets on the bed, ready for your return, and place a few drops of Arborvitae essential oil, or peppermint around the doors to keep insects out!

Do let people know where you are going if you are hiking somewhere!  So many people have gone missing and died out in the bush because they didn’t prepare or let people know where they were headed.  This is a really important thing to do.  Let people know where you are off to, and it saves a lot of time and anguish if you go missing.

Do eat more live food - The reason why we ate more live food while in the car driving up north, is the fresh fruit was high in water content, which meant we were hydrating in another way, and apples have more pectin in them, which means less chance of constipation.

Do move more - So sitting in a car for 22 hours, or an airplane for the same, even more, hours, is a recipe for circulation difficulties. In a car, you can stop every few hours, get out, move around, jump, stretch and bend, then get back in and continue on your journey.  In an airplane, this may be a bit tricky, as you are up in the air.  I walk up and down the aisle of airplanes, and do squats.  I’m not a good sleeper on flights, so I watch movies until I’m through at least 7, then I’m usually where I need to be.  I use Lavender Peace (Serenity) essential oil, to keep me calm.  Most people can sleep on planes, they are the lucky ones.  To keep me calm I use Balance essential oil and place a few drops of Ice Blue essential oil on my spine, that really does the trick.

Get organized - The more you have prepared, the better it will be for you.  Hey, there is much to be grateful for, share, love, and laugh, that’s what life is about.

Have a wonderful Christmas and an even better 2019.   xxoo Anne Clark.