NoosaStairClimbWe may not like to hear this, however, our parents can have a big influence on our lives and the people we become. And a new Monash University study has found that men pass on far more than just genetic stuff to their kids. In fact, a dad’s diet can affect their son’s ability to ‘win’ against another sperm after mating.

The study, published in Biology Letters journal, tested fruit flies because they are very similar to human genes.  So fruit flies and high protein diets what is the deal?….let’s learn a little more about this.

“Scientific studies have found that males who were raised on either high or low protein diets, but spent their adulthood on an intermediate diet, produced sons that had large differences in gene expression, which most likely contributed to the resulting differences in sperm competitiveness,” said lead author Dr Suzanne  Zajitschek.”

“They differed in their ability to sire offspring, with the high-protein dads producing sons who were doing much better in sperm competition, which means their sperm was more likely to win against a competitor’s sperm within the female tract.”

“We also found that the immune response genes were less active in sons of low-protein fathers, while metabolic and reproductive processes were increased in sons of fathers on a high protein diet,” she said.

It’s a fascinating discovery, and one that will no doubt lead to more research into the area.

When I think back to when my son was born, and the lifestyle both my husband and I enjoyed, it was pretty good.  We lived in the forest of Kuranda, ate a lot of home grown produce and organic fruit and vegetables.  We exercised every day, and kept fit just maintaining our property, and we drank a large quantity of water.  Our son is fit and strong, and his immune system is pretty good too. The diet was quite low in protein, for all of us, in fact I probably eat more plant based protein these days than what I did then.

I get a lot of couples asking me about health conception and how to have a healthy baby, and I remind them that the preparation they do with their lifestyle 12-18 months before conception will pay off significantly by the time the sperm meets the egg.

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