Accept that life is what happens when you are busy making other plans! 

To make it your year, have a clear perspective of what you really want.  Most of us focus on what we don’t want and we reach that objective with amazing accuracy!  By focussing on what you want for a healthy and happier year, you must first identify what it is that you know makes you feel happy and healthy.  Focus on what you want!

It’s true to say that 2021, was a difficult year, especially for plans changing, and especially our immune systems being challenged and compromised every time we stepped out the front door.  Not to mention the indoor challenges, that are in many cases, even more, sneaky than the outside elements.  We are always improving our indoor air quality, that’s a whole other blog, for now I just want to be clear, this message is about attracting the best year to you.

Obviously staying out late, drinking alcohol, smoking, eating too much stodgy food, gluten, and not setting a time frame for specific movement/exercise is a disaster waiting to happen.  So the opposite of that is getting to bed at a decent hour more often, removing toxic drinks from your daily menu, and replacing these drinks with water, green drinks, and B tonics (which I have in liquid form).  Exercising in a different way, like dancing to music, carrying a 2kg hand weight in both hands, and walking around the house to the beat of ‘Billy Jean, Michael Jackson sets the mood for some of us.  When you set the intention the rest will follow.  I’m not sharing this with you to come off as ‘miss perfect’, more just as a motivation to get on with it!  I’m giving you an idea that even when the weather is bleak, as was the case on New Year’s day for us on the Sunshine Coast, you can still go out and walk in the rain.  Darryl and I got up on News Year’s day, and walked, in the pouring rain with our umbrellas, and observed the bottom creek had risen with the overnight rain. We came back and stretched, listened to music, and discussed family history with my father after stretching with him for a further half an hour or so.  It was fun actually and helped to make us feel better.

How to Make It Your Best Year!

Write down what you would like to see your year become. I’ll be clear here this is not the same as writing down new years ‘resolutions’, as I believe that can lead to failure before success. Designing your desired outcomes is more about the detail around what you would like to bring to you.

Set no restrictions on yourself.  Do you want to feel more energy?  If your answer is yes, and usually it is, then this next part is really important, write down what you want that energy for!  The detail you put into this is worth it.  If you want the energy to be able to work on your physical body, so you look good in your stretchy pants, then wonderful write that down. Make a note of what that would mean to you to feel great in your stretchy pants.  ‘Details’. If you want the energy, so you can keep up with your grandkids, awesome, write that down.  If you want the energy to be able to dance and be more playful, wonderful, write that down.  For me, I want the energy so I can keep my garden in great shape.  I like to see the fresh mulch on the garden beds, this means I’ve got to have the energy to shovel loads of mulch uphill.  I couldn’t do this if I didn’t have energy.  Because I spend a lot of time in my garden, I want it to look amazing, this makes me feel happy and that is healthy for my mental health.

This year some of you may want to move house, renovate, change rooms around, start a new career or job.  Some of you may want to attract different friends to you, that are more in alignment with changed values or beliefs.  To address the house part first, write down what sort of house you would like to live in, does this house have a ‘relaxation area’, a very important addition.  A room that is set up with a diffuser for your brain stimulating or calming scents, aromatherapy, a few cushions set out in a balanced way.  With more people working from home, does the office in this house need an overhall?  If it does, write out a plan for that, choose your colours, and make it happen.

Some of you may want to travel, this is an interesting one and will require some resolve and nerves of steel, as the airports step up their requirements, checking, immunization and now ‘mandated vaccination requirements’, tests, and then the logistics of getting there! If travel is on your personal agenda, then plan it well and thoroughly, plan for the unexpected, this will lessen the downside of any delays. Focus on what you want.  My brother managed to get himself to Fiji, Hawaii, and New York, all over the Christmas period.  It had elements of risk, but he pulled it off, because he had some contingency plans and really focused on what he and his partner wanted to achieve, and he got back to Melbourne airport by the 30th December. I have a saying ‘Cherish the delay‘.  So you plan something, you say this is going to make my year, and the plans change, look at those delays in a different light.

Every day, people make thousands of small, forgettable decisions — what to eat, when to take a break, which route to take to work.

But for a handful of people on September 11, 2001, those seemingly inconsequential decisions — stepping out for a smoke, dawdling on the commute to enjoy a beautiful morning, taking a different subway route, even waking up late because of the previous night’s football game on TV — made the difference between living and dying.  Some of these people have been interviewed on the anniversary of the event, and all of them have one overriding similarity, and therefore connection, they were delayed!   That delay saved their lives!

In my book Lifestyle Reset, The Essential Guide To Healing You and The Planet, I mention the friendship audit.  So if you want to attract some different associations and friendships that are more in alignment with your values, friends that will help your year be wonderful, you need to be very clear about what your existing values are, and design in your mind, your ideal friends.  They will show up.  Friends can make such a difference in your life.  They can be inspirational, helpful, loving, and fun.  Write down your ideal friend/s and watch them show up just when you need them most.

Finally to make this year your best, stop and pause just a little more.  Ask your parents things about your life when you were little and make a note; Ask about their life, about their challenges, and their greatest accomplishments.  This time spent with your significant other, relative, friend, can be very valuable and meaningful.  If there is someone you want to forgive, someone you want to ask for forgiveness, get it done.  GET IT DONE!  Remove emotional cloaks, by hanging them up, or even better placing them out in the recycle bin, so they are taken away.  Writing helps me, so I write it out, and then it’s out of me; I remove the ‘disease’.

Forgive yourself with a little ceremony.  Here it is:  You will need, one diffuser - Diffuse 4 drops of Elevation or Wild Orange essential oil blend, 2 drops of Forgive, and 2 drops of Cardamom in your office or relaxation area.  Here’s how the forgive prayer goes….

I ___________, forgive ME for being a bit of a dick, for being unkind, or thoughtless.  I forgive ME for being miserable around others.  I forgive ME for selfish thoughts and ways.  I forgive ME for my transgressions.  I am so happy and grateful because I AM MAGNIFICENT.  You will have to read ‘Lifestyle Reset book’ to know what that’s about.

Create the best year ever with intention, and wisdom you probably don’t even know you have, believe me, you have it! Happy New Year.

x Annie Clark.