‘Did you try to get everything done ‘before Christmas?‘  I’ll bet you did! You know, linen changed, house clean, the fridge full and clean, cards sent, letters are done, bills paid, garden perfect, lawns mowed, food prep in hand, kids rooms neat and tidy and cushions fluffed up just so!  Then there are the repairs, roof leak fixed:  Check!  Extension electrics done:  Car cleaned out, vacuumed and buffed:  Check!  Bikes repaired:  Check!  Weeding done:  Check!  Oh, dear is this a recipe for disaster if ever I saw it!  Mind you I love getting things done like the next person, but take it easy……..

I even thought I would have this article completed by Christmas, I was almost pulled into the hype and frantic vibration of commercialism and then I pulled myself into line, took my own advice and let it go. What’s the rush anyway?

Seriously is the world going to fall apart, if my humble article, read by half a dozen people, is not completed?  Is the world going to explode if the garden isn’t perfect and the lawn still needs a mow?  Is it really going to be devastating if you or I don’t have the brand new sheets on the bed, and the Christmas cards are not sent? I don’t think so.  This is why this article is after Christmas, I didn’t want to put pressure on myself to get an article written in time, it’s ludicrous.  That’s how you stuff Christmas up?  Setting unrealistic goals for yourself and then driving everyone nuts while you try to achieve them.  I confess I did put the nice sheets on the bed but in my own defense, it was a pleasure for me to do so, not a burden.  I’m going to share more about that………………

Christmas is the time of ‘high expectations’, of coming together with people you may or may not want to be with, and a time where ideally everything should just be ‘lovely’.  The reality is, Christmas can be messy!  Things can get out of hand, emotions can be explosive and it really is very easy to ‘stuff Christmas up’.  Let’s start with food choices.  Most people eat too much over the holiday season.  Adding to the overeating is the under exercising.  There’s a lot more lying around on the couch, and there’s nothing wrong with a little couch surfing, however, it’s not good for the circulation or for your energy levels if you are doing it all day and night.

We love our movies and can watch one after the other, and if you want to stuff Christmas up, you could do just that, ending up with square eyes, and a nightclub tan!  This is the season to be jolley they say, yet its peak time for suicides all over the world, the peak time for car accidents, drownings, burns and bites oh and even shark attacks!  The peak time for divorces, breakups and walkouts.  The peak time for violence and outbursts. It’s the time of the year when tensions are at their highest, and perceived personal inadequacies seem to stand out more.  So what’s the solution, where can we make a change and improve things, so we don’t stuff up Christmas?  Ever the optimist, I have a few ideas…

Here are 12 ways to stuff up Christmas and/or 12 ways to make it all better and the last 2 hints, could be optional and altered.  Tell me what you think!

  1.   Set unrealistic tasks before the 25th.                                                     
    1. * The better option would be to do what you can and don’t worry about the rest.
  2.   Drink Alcohol take drugs excessively.                                                     
    1. * The better option drink water, or mineral water with a few drops of Lemon or Lime Essential oil - refreshing.
  3.   Finally, tell Uncle Andy what you think of him.                                     
    1. *  Perhaps write to Uncle Andy and tell him what you like about him most and ‘forgive him’.
  4.   Eat too much rich food.                                                                             
    1. *Eat heaps of lettuce and greens and cut back substantially, take your time with meals, eat less!
  5.   Stop exercising!                                                                                       
    1. *  Take long walks, swim in the ocean, still lift some weights or do Yoga, don’t stop your exercise routine, enhance it!
  6.   Go to bed late, night after night!                                                             
    1. * Still get to bed at an early time, a few late nights, no worries, but keep an eye on your sleep times.
  7.   Say yes to every invitation.                                                                     
    1. *  Say no to most invitations that involve eating, drinking and sitting, say yes to walks in the park and being outside.
  8.   Quit your JOB.                                                                                         
    1.  * Avoid quitting your job on the first day back.  Take your time and think it through, if it’s that bad, give yourself a few weeks.
  9.   Move house!                                                                                               
    1. * I’m amazed at how many people move house over Christmas, this is terrible and causes more stress, avoid if you can!
  10.   Do a road trip.                                                                                           
    1. *  Bloody dangerous, travel when everyone else is not traveling. February or the first week in March, is better, not December!

Okay, that’s my top priority 10, with the next few hints for pondering…..

    11.  Give useless plastic presents with batteries.                                       

* It’s estimated that 1/2 of the Christmas gifts given out every year, end up in landfill 3 or 4 months later.  Give sustainable gifts!

12.  Resist the urge to rest.  Keep going even when tired!                         

*  When you can, sleep, rest, and relax.  Give your body that ultimate gift of release and timeout.

So there you have it;  You want to stuff up Christmas carry out those 12 steps, and you will master it, and if you want to have a fantastic Christmas filled with love and energy and good vibes, try the better options. (debatable of course).  I wish to all of you a very HAPPY & HEALTHY NEW YEAR. XX  2019 is yours for the creation. x  Anne Clark.


ps.  the whole quit your job thing, definitely consider doing something more purposeful and something you love, this is health-giving. xx