You have to think healthy to be healthy.  It starts with your thoughts, which for some people, run around in their heads like wild children after eating sweets!

Every day we have around 62 thousand thoughts that furnish our cerebral chambers, what is disconcerting is they are usually the same 62,000 thoughts we had yesterday! Change your thoughts, and you change everything. The title of this article is aptly ‘How to Think Healthy‘!  To think healthy you must first recognize what you are currently allowing to dominate your thoughts.  What do you think about when you first become conscious after a deep sleep?  What comes into your mind, what do you allow to come into your mind?  For some of you, thinking healthier thoughts will become a new discipline, it will require you to train your brain, like you may have trained your body when you lifted weights or started a gym routine.

Healthy thinking leads to a healthier body, there is no doubt in my mind about that, but for some of you, this is challenging because the wild kids have moved in and they are trashing the house!  To change that, you must accept with excitement and joy, that you can change those thoughts and the thinking process.  I’ll share a few of my steps that will help you to ‘think healthy’.

Step one - Recognize your thoughts!  When I start to go down a negative thinking path I call it out and identify it for what it is.  An example of this is, I may refer to myself as clumsy when I drop a cup or bump the bench with my leg, I may even refer to myself as a ‘bit of a dick‘ but then I notice my words to myself and change the statement to ‘careful‘, ‘this body is important,’ I need that leg to be working in tip-top condition! I’m so happy and grateful that I can move slowly and cautiously and keep safe. I’ve changed the vibration towards myself instantly, to more caring and more complimentary.  I can do this because I am very aware of language and the positive or negative effect my internal language can have on how I feel.  This may take time for you to learn, but it’s going to be a worthy idea, especially when you notice you can do it.  I have a whole chapter on ‘Attitude not Altitude’, in my new book ‘Lifestyle Reset, The Essential Guide to Healing you and the Planet’.  This book came out of a difficult situation and personifies everything I have already mentioned here.  Change your thoughts, change your reaction to things that happen to you, and you can change everything for the better.

Step two - turn your first thoughts into gratitude.  I say this to myself often.  I am so happy and grateful now that….. my body feels fit, I can stretch and I’m flexible, I can run up the driveway, I can exercise every day.  I am so happy and grateful for this green drink that cleans my blood.  I am so happy and grateful for this beautiful essential oil aroma that fills the room with positive and calming vibes.  I am so happy and grateful I can walk, talk, think, be, and love.  I am so happy and grateful that I have 10 toes, 10 fingers, arms that work, legs that are strong, ears that hear, and teeth that can chew.  I am so happy and grateful I can see, and this self-talk goes on.  This one sentence, I am so happy and grateful, can be directed to something that hasn’t happened yet.  I am so happy and grateful that I have won the lotto because I can see some of the funds going to the lovely young man who sold me the ticket, I can see the swimming hole being created on our property and a lovely gazebo being built specifically as a bird observatory area.  I am so happy and grateful that everything I need shows up at perfect and divine timing.  I am so happy and grateful that I am super healthy.  You see, I am thinking of myself as healthy.

Step three - appreciate the little things.  I love to observe nature, birds nesting, even swooping.  Appreciation is a chemical enhancer, a neurotransmitter that is created in the brain when we appreciate and acknowledge openly our joy, our appreciation.  Appreciation follows on from gratitude beautifully.  If you are sick, fighting a disease, appreciate the lessons of the dis-ease, once again affirm out loud, I love this aching back, I am aware that my body is talking to me, and I appreciate that I can change this discomfort, I can become wise, study methods for improving posture and natural pain management, I can stretch, I can take time out of a busy day to nurture my body.  I can even squat, and hold my head up high.  I appreciate that I can do this!  A tougher one may be Cancer, but again it’s a disease.  I have met people who have talked to themselves out of Cancer.  They have created a regular pro-active conversation with themselves about their disease, their appreciation, and gratitude that the disease has taught them other ways to look after their bodies.  This is a humbling thing to hear and experience, but to know that it could work demonstrates the power of the mind.

Step four - Question with childlike fascination things around you.  I have known many healthy people who have lived well into their 90’s.  What separates them from other people who are much younger and more acidic, are several phenomenal characteristics that shine the light as bright as a brand new spotlight. These extraordinary folk, are childlike, fascinated by everything, take time to observe, stay happy with simple things, and laugh at themselves and life.  One extraordinary man survived the Kokoka campaign during the second world war.  He was a lovely mentor to me and left a beautiful positive wake long after his eventual passing.  Another survived the Holocaust, Auschwitz concentration camp, he is 98 now, and still alive and kicking.  The one thing that stands out about this man is, his childlike fascination and he is not bitter.  He has found a way to move on through all his past horrors, and he celebrates every moment of life.

Step five - Learn something new, different!  This in turn requires you to test your mind.  Remember something that you have newly learned and recite it, record it until it’s logged in, this changes the thoughts in your head. On a physiological level, learning new things is good for your brain. … Additionally, learning new skills stimulates neurons in the brain, which forms more neural pathways and allows electrical impulses to travel faster across them. The combination of these two things helps you learn better.

Change your thoughts, and you change everything!  Study yourself, and check where your opinions, bias, and beliefs originated from.  This is a powerful exercise in itself!  Think about how a healthy person behaves, how do they walk, how do they project.  A healthy person is energetic, playful, genuinely pulsating at a frequency that is obvious.

Think healthy, even if you are not until the cells in your body believe you and respond accordingly.  Think healthy.  You can do this.

Thanks for tuning in. x Annie