Wellness From Time In The Wilderness:

If I were working on a solution to this huge problem of individuals and groups of hurting heads and sabotaged brains due to chemical imbalance, I would put the whole country on a nature course, give everyone a shovel, create a garden, and take them on a bush walk into the wilderness.

I would remove all devices, and all distractions, and focus on building new and improved nourished healthy bodies.  There would be no alcohol, there would be no drugs. What a perfect world it would be!

I would design homes with exercise areas, meditation, and yoga studios as the number one priority over lounge rooms, hallways, bars, and ‘surround sound home cinemas’, actually, I would keep the cinemas.  Inspiring movies are like oxygen to me.  Home design has a lot to contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

Animal Rights:

I can’t write about improving human brain health without mentioning our relationship with animals.  I would increase education about animals and the connection they have with us, the land, and her people.

No more would livestock be wrangled into slaughterhouses and milked every day of their lives. Imagine if you were breastfeeding every day of your life. No more would we be killing our animals for the sake of a roast dinner!

When did it become ‘a thing to do’, to remove a horn from a Rhinosorous for an artifact or piece of jewelry, when did that become acceptable, only to then leave the poor animal to die in agony?

No more would our ignorance around farming with chemicals be allowed to happen.  No more growing animals at the cost of soil health for human food, and further threatening water supplies and weather events!

If I had it my way there would be no more caged chickens and pigs defecating on each other in cramped, unimaginable conditions all for the All Day - Everyday Breakfast’ of bacon and egg! 

I believe people eat the way they do because they have forgotten the origins of their food, and allow practices to continue because they don’t consider the animal has feelings.  In other other words Ignorance.

A collective walk in the wilderness with young people first, to show them ways of living that don’t involve pretend shooting and killing on video games, as entertainment!  When did this happen? When did we accept that our kids could recreate violence as their entertainment and think that we could inspire a responsible, well-balanced human being from that?

That’s a topic to explore, right there!  We have replaced Spirit with shiny screens that were once actually used to make a ‘phone call’, now these ‘mini smart phones’ take us into fake worlds of comparison and confusion with signals that set off a reflex of excess consumerism ending in personal loathing, debt, and self-doubt.  Where’s the ‘smart’ in that?

I believe in the concept of the tiny home, creating sustainable buildings within sustainable villages, and encouraging innovation and creativity around art, music, movement, dance, and discovery, rather than having that as an afterthought like an elective subject in school.

If anything, the wonderful indigenous people have shown us how important the link to country and art and expression is for a ‘people’ to function in love and harmony.  Take that away and you displace a culture, remove hope and foster lethargic beings.

The conquerors brought alcohol, white flour, and disease to the indigenous tribes, and took away their culture, children, and purpose, to replace a different mindset with a people who already knew how to live sustainably!  This has happened throughout our human history with the American Indian, what a crime that was.  Kevin Costner delivered a fine performance in Dances With Wolves, that film still affects me to this day, as a very accurate portrayal of life for the Indians on The Great Plains and the plight of the American Indigenous people.

A people that knew when to burn the bush, wander, and harvest from the earth delicately and respectfully. That’s the crime of the century there, and all the politics in the world will never fix that, more people need to be aware of cultural differences and respect that for repairing people and restoring positive mental health.  I’ll get something really clear, I’m never going to eat ‘Kangaroo Tail’, or spearfish crabs at the top end of Australia, I’m a vegetarian by choice to my core, however, I will keep my part of the country in good condition, by not poisoning the land with chemicals, and cluttering up my house with plastic!

Politically speaking:

Politically I would have leaders only paid in the direct proportion of their service and success.  They would lead in a manner that empowers people and cultivates inventions.  I would never, ever introduce paid parental leave, for goodness sake.  If you decide to bring a human being into the world, you are responsible for raising that being, and guiding your human into the world, not the taxpayer.

You and your village are the people who shape the individuals in the next tribe.  By creating systems that hand out finances to families for something as natural as creating another human, you are manifesting a system of reliance rather than resilience.  When Darryl and I gave birth to our son, we did not tap into Government handouts, despite being encouraged, because it never sat right with us.

Heads are hurting because people are giving in too easily to accepting that things are as they are, rather than exploring meaningful alternatives.  You could argue, that I am a person who is commenting from a position of privilege, raised in a loving household, albeit a male-dominated one, when I was growing up. You could say, that my comments come from someone who sits on a ‘comfortable couch’, and you would be right, however, I have experienced difficult times, struggle, and distress in my younger years.

I have endured different types of pain and experienced being in hospital for various situations as a young girl. Feeling so very disempowered by the experience.  The hospital stays strengthened my resolve to be involved in an industry, i.e. natural therapies, to keep people out of the hospital and explore alternative ways to keep them well.  As I mentioned the resolve to keep others healthy or be part of the wellness movement, came out of being in a difficult situation myself.  So out of something bad, there is always something good!

I have been in a counseling role for many years, where I have seen what happens when someone lives in the best environment for health.  How my clients have attended any number of my retreats, raw food workshops, and events, and gone on to grow their own food, even creating a whole business based on raw treats and natural living.  I have seen how well people do when they grow their greens in nutrient-rich soils, where they have discussions with loved ones at night, where movement and exercise is a priority every morning, and meaningful professions are pursued and implemented.

I have seen sustainable systems work, and it lifts my optimism for a better bunch of heads, thus a better world.  It is said, that every problem in the world can be solved with a garden, I believe this is true.

The Power Of One:

Never underestimate the power of one to influence the outcome of others.  People like Gandhi and JFK, the 35th American President. He framed the most amazing quote –  “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,”  Ironically, JFK was assassinated for his politics and contribution to giving equality to African Americans, amongst other things.  He was a powerful ‘one’.

John Lennon wrote and performed the number-one song in the world ‘Imagine’.  These words often play in the back of my mind when I get an idea in my head;  ‘You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one, I hope someday you will join us, and the world be as one’.  Again, he was shot too, assassinated in front of his apartment.  Comments under the Youtube clip mention, ‘John Lennon literally changed the world’.  I used to play his music when I danced around with my baby son in my arms.  Jay, grew up loving John’s music and appreciated the lyrics and messages of John Lennon’s art.

I have studied history and seen what has happened with the wrong sort of power, i.e. Hitler, the Pol Pot regime, and the Khmer Rouge just to name a few, so what are we doing as a society to create positive and outstanding leaders with healthy heads?

This is a very charged question, which looks just like a neuron cell, stringy, electrical, and open. If all of us were synapsing in the same way, just thinking a little more before giving in to the first piece of news we see or read, standing firm with the petulant demanding child, who wants the latest video game; planting a tree that bears fruit in that tiny bit of land that stares back at us in the corner of the yard; no longer saying ‘I don’t have time to garden’, instead cultivating natural instincts by taking our young ones into the wilderness to understand the unique link between the earth and us; if we just connected some of those dots, there could be a dramatic and successful return to healthy heads.

Imagine …… ‘Nothing to live or die for and no religion too’.  If we responded to situations that arose with more compassion and understanding rather than learned bias and prejudice, we could collectively turn things around.  It does start with ‘one’, you, and the way you consume, react, dispose and withdraw when need be.

One of my most considered and used quotes needs a makeover; ‘Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting their own battle’ Plato.

If I bring that saying up to 2023, it could read like this, ‘Be kind, but don’t be drawn into someone else’s battle, you have enough of them in your own head that must be sorted out first!’ 

Here’s my poem for other deep thinkers:

Before you judge, before you act, always take ownership of what you attract. 

Lifestyle Reset Class 2021

Think beyond the block of wood where your fist must aim, on the other side is joy, not pain.

There’s magic in the thought, which becomes what you created,

Now everything will align, as this is what you stated.

I am happy I am grateful that my life is a peaceful transition

Caring for humans, animals and land is the only worthy mission.

Thank you for reading .xx

References:  The Body A Guide For Occupants, Bill Bryson.