I had to write about this, as surely I can’t be the only one that is swamped, and completely exasperated about trying to contact a tech company to get help.  I want to talk to a human being, not ‘AI‘, not a robot, not a recorded message, not ‘Chat’.  There is nothing chatty about Chat.  I’m over it!   I spent an hour and a half just trying to find a human being to speak to with the Square payment SYSTEM.  I mean to just try and find a phone number so I could call and speak to someone!  There was an 1800 number, but it was a tunnel to more waiting, more ‘Chat’, more of not dealing with a human.  Do you think I could find someone??? Not quickly that’s for sure!

This ordeal pushed buttons for me. I felt my normally calm demeanor go from practical to downright suicidal! You see, I have a problem with comprehension and understanding instructions. This problem is something I can hide or mask to a degree, but when I’m pushed into a corner, it becomes an issue.

I do well when someone is patient, has clear English, and is calm towards me, I will respond, but when I can feel they are losing their patience, this then becomes an exasperated situation.  This goes back to school when I was in my first year of secondary education.  My maths teacher was Egyptian.  I love Egyptian people, and I have no problem with them, however, I could not understand her accent, it was impossible.

I would go home from school in tears sometimes because my scores for maths were always, always low.  My dad would sit with me at the end of the dining table and become frustrated that I took so long to get the maths equations.  Numbers would move around the page, also in my head, instructions would be confused and I would become further exasperated.  Would I have excelled with a clearer-speaking teacher?  Would I be a mathematical genius with another form of teaching?  It’s unknown, but what I do know is I’m not the only one who has problems with comprehension! 

I have listened to my poor father going through similar frustration speaking to a Telstra technician, on the phone, after waiting up to half an hour with those ridiculous musical tunes playing in the background.  Dad was a top accountant in his professional life, he is a ‘figures man’, in other words, he is no dill!

Finally, he gets to speak to someone, and the call for whatever reason gets cut off. Then he has to go through the whole scenario again.  Dad didn’t want to be in a direct debit situation.  To him, this meant he was not in control of his finances. For this reason, he has to contact these companies, Telstra being one, and BUPA being another, every few months to organize his payments.  The system is geared more these days to automation, to not communicating with people, but funneling us into computerized interaction, which requires careful reading, thorough comprehension, and dehumanizing experiences!

The Telstra people direct a nearly ’90-year-old man’ to an ‘App’. for goodness sake.  Dad doesn’t want to be rummaging around his mobile phone (which he has a love-hate relationship with), to find an ‘App’.  His fingers become clumsy and his temperament, like mine changes from calm to impatient and finally manic!

Back to my situation, when I finally got to speak with someone, it was one and a half hours into my ordeal of just trying to get a response.  Then, with no word of exaggeration, I spent nearly two hours on the phone, with a lady who, although very nice, had a strong accent, and I couldn’t understand her most of the time, and the connection was bad, and I remember saying to her, ‘Please take my number, I’m terrified that I’ll get disconnected and have to spend hours trying to get help again’!  She assured me that I would get a callback, and sure enough, we were disconnected, however, I was beyond pacifying, I knew I had endured enough.  We parted ways on the phone, and I said I’m going to walk away from this for now. All this pain because I’m not that clued up on navigating Apps on the phone or anywhere for that manner, the inner workings do my head in, and that is where I need help!

In the words of Danny Glover - Lethal Weapon - I’m too old for this shit!  

The next day, my outstanding Web man Reid Tregoning and I were on the phone.  He discovered why I was not able to ‘pair my phone’ with the Square reader.  After he watched and comprehended a video on Youtube, one and a half minutes in, Reid was able to see where I was going wrong.  So he phones me, and we go through the motions.  In less than 5 minutes, I am now back in the receiving world of Square Reader!  Mind you, I don’t know if all that was really worth it!  I was about to flush the dam thing down the toilet.  I lost my cool the day before, I became a person I don’t even know.  I became unhinged!  I even swore the ‘F’ word out loud in conversation to a few friends, who remarked to me, they had never heard me swear in all the years that had known me.

Today I’m calm, I have done yoga, stretching, breathing, and even reminded my dad to breathe, and went through the motions with him. In the back of my mind I know that I can be triggered again, by having a comprehension breakdown.  So the moral of the story is, ‘There is always a solution, just a little patience can go a long way’, and can we all just talk to each other, please?  That helps!

Oh and a side note to this, I used Console roll-on essential oil to help myself recover, and between that essential oil blend and Balance - Grounding Blend, I found my way back to normality, or at least thinking clearer and with more gratitude rather than angst!