I’m sure you have heard the expression, ‘Oh that’s impossible!‘ which makes me think about how many times we have cut off a ‘possibility’ because it was easier to say, ‘that’s impossible’ than actually conceive that something is ‘possible’!

My husband and I recently had the wonderful theatre experience of going to see a movie in the cinema, nonother than ‘Mr. Cruises film’ Mission Impossible.

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One | Official Trailer (2023 Movie) - Tom Cruise

In the early hours of the morning, I woke up thinking back to the scenes, stunts, and storyline of such a film and it got me thinking.   Tom Cruise’s power as an actor is one thing, but his vision to create such entertaining films that keep you thinking long after the movie has ended is indeed a gift.

The digital world, the AI world that we find ourselves in, like it or not will transform all of us beyond our understanding, and in the wrong hands, could be devastating.  Without giving the theme or plot away with this film, the AI character is certainly given center stage, and that’s what got me thinking.

But I don’t want to go into doom and gloom here, I want to focus more on what our individual focus becomes as we wake up each day and create our days, how are we doing this?

What’s possible:

I have a few ‘mission-impossible tasks‘ ahead of me, but what if I take the ‘im’ out of the word, and just go with the ‘possible‘, what would that look like?  Have I done this before in my life?  Yes, I have, with a few ‘mental gymnastics’ I overcame the fear that rose up when I listened to the first few people go negative on me, then I canceled them out.

I remember when I wanted to walk the Kokoda Track, you know I had so many people telling me that it was impossible, that I wouldn’t cope well, that it wasn’t worth it, ‘don’t do it!’ they said, even my own husband tried to turn me off doing the Kokoda track and to be fair in his case it was the physicality of the track that concerned him, more than my ability to carry it out. Darryl was worried that I would hurt myself, just as a caring partner.  We all know, you can hurt yourself just walking across the road, never mind flying to Papua New Guinea, taking a 45-minute flight over broccoli trees, and being delivered to a jungle knowing full well that what you just flew over, what would take 8-9 days to walk back from.  No, I wasn’t worried about what everyone else was saying to me, I was only thinking about what I was saying to me!


Besides thinking over dreams and projects that I’d like to get on with, I think back to the words “WE ARE THE SUM OF OUR CHOICES”.  These choices we make shape our lives.  If I chose to eat every moment of the day and sit around doing nothing, I’m going to pay a price for that.  If I chose to eat living and nourishing food, hang around positive and delightful people, move my body, exercise, etc, I’m going to have a result congruent with those choices.  If I think I can do something, and I put in place what needs to be done for that task to manifest, I’m 99% there, the rest is the ‘alignment of conscious placement’.  An example of this is the teaching room on our property.

I wanted a room that I could run seminars in, I wanted it more than a bedroom because it was a ‘Build It And They Will Come’ type of scenario.  I wanted a room that I could fill with students, business partners, friends, and family when the room wasn’t being used for retreats or workshops.  So when we purchased our current property, I paced out the 10 meters or more with a clipboard in hand and made notes, we even have video footage of me doing this.  I paced out the area, then when moved in, and I had to maintain that area before a building was placed on it, I would mow the circumference with the mower in the shape of an oblong, and blow me down, this building manifested.  I borrowed the money to build it and paid off the loan as quickly as I could.  Now this room is ‘Mission Possible’, and we love it.

Thinking can be exhausting sometimes, but it does have payoffs, because ‘thinking’, taking time to mull something over, means your emotional intelligence can catch up and help you with the final decision.  Most of my stuff ups in life have come about because I didn’t ‘think’ enough!

Mini Missions:

If you take on mini missions, like moving more, thinking more, breathing better, speaking in grateful terms first, and checking your language, these are ‘mini missions’ that culminate into major missions, that become all the more possible because you have switched your brain onto possibilities.  What could be a more worthier ideal than that?

So how do you cultivate possible missions?  Change your chemistry, when you change your chemistry you change everything else in your life.  You become a magnet for what you intuitively think about, you bring to you what you think about because you have been working on the mini-missions.

Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to sculpt the outcome, choose your thoughts, choose your associates, choose your words, and choose now to ‘choose and design your dreams’, because this message will ‘self-destruct’ in 30 seconds.  29, 28, 27, 26, 25, …………

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