Over Christmas people tend to indulge a little more than their poor old bodies can handle.  Isn’t it wonderful to think that you can enjoy a dessert like the one below, and it won’t rob your body of valuable nutrients, or make you want to have a nap!  Most desserts are full of sugar, flour and dreadful ingredients that create hours of havoc for your digestive system to use, and thus make you really exhuasted and hungry for more sugar.

This slice is visually beautiful, keeps well (freeze once you have made it), nourishes your brain with the ingredients like coconut oil, coconut cream, essential oils and organic dried fruits and nuts.  Topped off delightfully with some blueberry’s or raspberries.  This one is special, and will impress the most fussiest of eaters.

Heres what you will need for the base:

600gms  Organic dried fruit and nut mix                    1/3 cup desiccated coconut                    1 teaspoon maple syrup20170107_1210531

Blend these ingredients in your Thermomix or Food processor until combined.  If needed, add a little water.  Mixture should be pliable enough to press into an oiled oblong glass dish.  Set aside the base in the freezer while you prepare filling number one.

Filling Number one: 

360gms soaked organic raw cashews                     400gm tin of organic coconut cream         40gms maple syrup

65 gms coconut oil                                                  1 tablespoon cacao powder                       4 drops of organic vanilla essence

10 drops of Doterra Wild Orange Essential oil (note you can add more to suit your taste)        12 slightly hydrated organic dried dates (soak in a little warm to hot water - drain)

a pinch of Sea Salt or Himalayan salt.

Combine the soaked organic cashews with all the ingredients listed above.  Process in your food processor until the mixture is creamy.  Season with more oils if needed.  Pour into your prepared base.  Spread the mixture evening over the base.  Place in the freezer and prepare your topping mix.


240gms soaked organic raw cashews                      400gm tin of organic coconut cream        2 tablespoons coconut oil

3  drops of vanilla essence                                       4 drops of Essential oil of Lemon             2 teaspoons honey or maple syrup

Process the cashews, adding the remaining ingredients gradually until all combined.  Blend until the mixture is creamy.  Pour over prepared base and filling. Place in the freezer and remove after a few hours.  Allow it to soften enough that you can cut up into slices.  Serve each slice with some fresh or frozen berries of choice.  Shave off some organic raw chocolate and decorate your plate.  Serve with coconut cream that you have in reserve.  Delicious.