Structural Integration is all about fascia, gravity and relationship!
Rolfing?  What’s this Rolfing?  About 20 years ago, I experienced my first Rolfing session with a practitioner at the Hideaway on the Gold Coast when I carried out a bowel cleanse with Jenni Edgley and Associates.  It was an interesting experience, but now that I’ve experienced my second go at Rolfing I’m not really sure what my first experience was!  So my second experience was as resent as early January 2017.  My brief to Kathryn Hood, “I just want something relaxing”!   And bless her, she delivered.  I loved the treatment with Kathryn.
I should put something in perspective first, I wasn’t in any particular discomfort to motivate me to see Kathryn, I was just needing something that would help me to be more pliable, and help with relaxation.  If you know your own body, you know where you feel uncomfortable when you do a certain stretch or yoga posture, and I had a feeling that the “Rolfing technique”, may just do the trick, however, I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  So I expected nothing!  So what is this type of healing or body work and how could it help you?
Rolfing is about working with the fascia.  “Fascia is one of the richest sensory organs in the body. This means that it is home to thousands of nerve endings which help us orient ourselves in space and participates in the second-by-second negotiation of stability and the precise calibration of movement.”  Wow, Kathryn, that’s mind blowing!  (I asked Kathryn to give me a little more information and insight into this procedure).
Referred to as – ‘Structural Integration (Rolfing), it works directly on the fascia through manual therapy, lengthening, hydrating, reorganising the inner matrix of our bodies and bringing it back into alignment and health.    
Often referred to as connective tissue, fascia is a densely woven structure not unlike a web which covers muscles, the organs, arteries, nerves, the brain, the heart, and in a more solid form is ligament, tendon and even bone.
On a microscopic level, it also surrounds each and every cell. It is pertinent to the healthy working of our entire nervous system.  Now when I think of the average nervous system, and what life can dish up to us all, I think to myself, ‘along with chosen essential oils’, this is pretty clever!  I know there are essential oils that are incredible for improving ones nervous system. I’ll write more about that in another blog!
Fascia forms a comprehensive network connecting everything in the body which means it is involved in all our movement and non-movement alike. Healthy fascia is hydrated and elastic, able to absorb each footstep or jump or the lifting of a weight. It is through the fascia that we experience health in our bodies and it is also through the fascia that we experience a lack of ease.
After my Structural Integration therapy I could tell there was some lengthening, and a slight reorganising of my small frame. I’m sure more sessions will bring even better results, as after my treatment with Kathryn, I felt lighter and less tense within my own body.  When I did my usual yoga stretching the next morning, I noticed that my hamstrings were freer and I was able to do a rather difficult position with more ease.  It was quite refreshing.  Kathryn reminded me that after Rolfing sessions, muscles are able to glide over each other again, joints are freer to move and we feel aligned and upright with less effort.
So who would benefit from a session like this?  First up, anyone who has a nervous system!  That pretty much means anyone who is alive!  Anyone who suffers from anxiety, wants to sleep more soundly.  Anyone who wants to feel limitless in their own bodies, chill out a bit and improve their posture.  Let’s face it, even when you think you have it all together, there is still something positive you can do for your over all health.  A session with Kathryn is a treat for the inner matrix, and a gift you can give yourself!

You can contact Kathryn by phone or email.    

Kathryn Hood
Certified Structural Integrator, the Rolf Method
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