Anne Calrk

If you have time to read this, you are probably one of the thousands, to hundreds of thousands to now millions of people that are affected at this time by the ripple effect of Corona Virus, or COVID-19.


There are more and more rules and regulations around how far away you can be from someone else, how many people can be in the room at one time.  There are wedding cancellations, travel cancellations, job losses, business closures, lockdowns and so on.


You are more than likely ‘overinformed’, some of you will be suffering from depression from the isolation, others will be confused and concerned, watching every news bulletin and thus functioning in high sympathetic nervous system chemistry.  (in other words, stressed out continually).  This doesn’t do you any good believe me.

The key to riding out this time is to definitely adhere to the rules and regulations and quarantine guidelines, and most assuredly do everything possible to keep yourself and your family calm and engaged in proactive activities.  You will be aiming for more Parasympathetic chemistry.  {Anything that keeps you calm, and breathing with awareness}.

Easier said than done some of you may say, especially if you are one of the people now stranded in a foreign country, held up in a hotel for 2 or more weeks, elderly and out of range of family or at home with young kids and can’t go anywhere!

I recently watched a video documentary on Nelson Mandela’s life and found it particularly enlightening when they went into the time he was in Prison.  27 YEARS!!  His cell was the size of most people’s bathrooms.  He and other political prisoners were chiseling away at the hard rock for hours a day during many of those years in terrible conditions. Nelson Mandella succumbed to TB (Tuberculosis) which is one thing he and I have in common!

This man came out of that situation with more heart, more of a humanitarian nature than any man in history.  He went on to become the President of Africa, and his legacy still lives on today.  There’s far more detail in the book about his life, and there are many ways of learning more about him online, which I urge you to do so, but for the purpose of this message, I want to impress upon you, that we are in no way hard times compared to other times in history.  We are in difficult times yes, but these times offer us the tremendous expression, even freedom which we can exorcise even in isolation.

I am privileged to live on a property, where there are earth and soil to garden, I have Paw Paw seedlings coming out of my ears, banana trees with the promise of fruit in the next 4 weeks.  I have greens growing which I planted a month or so ago, ready for our demands of fresh greens, which in my opinion is vital for building healthy blood and a healthy immune system.LifeStyle Reset

I have essential oils that have never abandoned me in their delivery of anti-bacterial protection and overall emotional protection. It’s a question of Emotional Intelligence right now, and that is where you and I will need to do some work.  Essential oils are in high demand, and I offer the education needed to really utilize these precious plants and their nectars.  Essential oils are not just nice smelling scents that come in glass bottles that sit on shelves, they are to be used more than ever, ‘They are ‘essential’.

During this time of quarantine, isolation, less face to face, human to human contact although you may find it difficult at first to adjust, especially if you are reliant on being with people, I’m here to say you can use this time ‘NOW’ to create, you can explore your memory, journal, express in writing, words, pictures, photos, song, music, even dance how you are feeling and you can ride this wave triumphantly.

You can learn something new online, something that will give you more know-how or wisdom.  You can study history and build your mind and thus fill it with new thoughts, new neurons will spark, and you will prevail.

You can also watch movies of substance or comedy (laughing is very healing), or interviews that you promised yourself you would get back to.  Now that’s a joyful thought. Back to comedy, if any of you find something that you think I’d like to watch please send me the link, I love laughing and comedy, anything from Michael McIntyre or Graham Norton’s interviews.  love them!  (Michael McIntyre - Winter)

I’m not talking about being positive in a silly over the top manner, I’m delving into my own perceptions of things happening around me and checking the way I behave.  I check in on my lovely dad every day, who is self-isolated down in Victoria, where the temperatures are now dropping as we approach Autumn, and within 3 months Winter.

My advice to dad has always been, and always will be, keep sipping on warm liquids dad, especially water with a drop of essential oil lemon.  These warm liquids will keep the small intestine functioning at full speed and therefor help with breaking down undigested foods.

Ingest fresh leafy greens in every meal, even breakfast.

I’ve reminded dad to reduce or even eliminate gluten and any mucus forming food, as you don’t want your body to have any more burdens than the general burden of pumping blood around the body, keeping warm and keeping the circulation going.

For my dad, this means he may want to rethink his porridge, yes the porridge with heaps of milk added to it.  Some people are under the misguided assumption that the dairy milk and the oats together will give them calcium when this is in fact true, but what is not fully appreciated, is the body gives up stored calcium to take in the calcium from the milk. So it’s not exactly a win for calcium retrieval.  Remember milk is usually from cows; cows have several stomachs, humans have one, cows milk is for calves and human breast milk is for humans.  We lose an enzyme called renin when we form teeth.  There is no need for adult humans to consume any form of MILK.  I may need to say that again, but if you really want calcium then bypass the cow, and eat what they are eating, ‘GREENS’.

Back to Gluten, Gluten stays in the digestive system longer; it coats the mucus membranes like a blanket on the vents of a vacuum cleaner.  Imagine how difficult it would be to vacuum your carpets if your vacuum cleaner was chocking in the air vent.

When you consume gluten, you burden the digestive system, even if you don’t have a confirmed allergy to gluten, during this quarantine time it would be a positive action to leave it out of your meals.

Instead, you want to include more avocados, salads, fresh greens, mushroom soups, beans, legumes and fresh fruits like the papaya, pineapple, apples, and soaked dried fruits, so you are not eating too much sugar when you consume dried fruits.

Apricots, and pears, grapes (in moderation).  These foods are vital for ‘now’ or anytime as you rebuild your body.  You could even fast for 24 hours on fresh purified water, check in with a qualified practitioner first before you do this, and if you do fast, factor in beautiful adequate rest.  Please consult me if you need more information on this.  0402 166 187. Annie.

Walking is and has always been the best movement for keeping your mind and body happy.  If you are in a hotel room, then pace up and down and sing a song while you are doing it.  Dance to your favorite music, and just keep moving in the schedule of the day, this is a vital tip its also an anti-depressant.

Diffuse essential oils like Douglas Fir, Easy Air, On Guard, Lavender, Elevation and Apply Frankincense directly to the body every time you think of it.  Frankincense is a good essential oil blend for the nervous system.  We use balance essential oil, like most people drink tea or coffee, meaning a lot,  applying it liberally to the upper arms and around the lymph areas.

Think of people you know that you haven’t contacted in a while, call them up and ask how they are, and if you really want to make an impression, send a card, with a photo or a practical recipe.  That’s what I’m going to be doing.  You just may get one from me.

I implore you to reach out to me, I’d love to hear from you, and I’d love to help in any way I possibly can to improve your reflective and healing time.

Positive Isolation is just that ‘positive’, it’s a time to go within, and think a little more about what you have placed great importance on, and perhaps allow yourself a little freedom in your thoughts to look at things, groups of people, ideals in a different light.

This is your time to shine and prosper emotionally and spiritually.  Like the caterpillar that becomes a beautiful butterfly, let’s see what amazing things come out of this time in history.


With love

Annie Clark.