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By popular demand we have assembled the best book bundle for your enjoyment, practicality and savings.



By popular demand, we have assembled the best book bundle for your enjoyment, practicality and savings.

Please note Until Running On Empty is re - printed, we will include 2 Walk It Out A Kokoda Experience (which makes a wonderful gift).  

Let’s start with In The Raw - a very special book that features some of Annie’s best raw food ensembles and inspires one to go a little further with the ‘raw food journey’, in a comfortable and nurturing way.

The Poo In You has all the attributes of a bowel health Bible, you will be guided along by Annie on how to safely cleanse your bowel.  Annie has detailed what it’s like to do a colonic, enema, colema and food cleanse all leading to a healthier digestive system.  The do’s and don’ts of cleansing so to speak.  Regular retail price $27.00.

Lose Weight While You Sleep And Eat - a book that has a place in any family’s library, and not only for people who carry a little extra weight.  This book will help the reader to understand the relevance of sleep and that to lose weight you really do need to eat, not starve yourself.  You will learn about Leptin and Ghrelin and feel very empowered about ‘you’ when you have finished reading this helpful book.  Regular Retail Price $25.00

Walk It Out A Kokoda Experience - You may have no intention whatsoever of walking 96 kilometers of the hardest tropical walks in the world, but you have the ambition to tackle a challenge and this book will inspire you to conquer your Everest.  In Annie’s case, her Everest was the Kokoda Track.  In this book, Annie details her planning, training, the actual walk, and life after Kokoda.  A great read.  Great gift for the person who longs for some adventure.  Regular Retail Price $27.00.

Running On Empty How To Avoid Adrenal Fatigue - Annie had to write this book for anyone and everyone who has ever felt overwhelm or unsure of how they would get through the day.  For all the ‘human doings’ out there and all the people who have been running on empty and exhausting their adrenal glands.  This book is for you.  Full of wonderful recipes and information on essential fatty acids, essential oils, and essential foods for absolute health and wellbeing.  Regular Retail Price $27.00. (this one is out of stock as of 25th December 2020).

The total price of all books is $145.00.  Saving of $15.00! 

When you order the ‘Best Book Bundle’ you are sure to get awesome value and the most up to date information on maintaining a healthy body, mind, and soul.

To check out more information on individual books, check out the book section on this site.

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