Balance Essential Oil


Balance essential oil – grounding blend is a clever combination of essential oils that settle down the nerves and stabilizes the body chemistry, which creates a sense of calm and well-being.


Everyone experiences moments of disconnectedness or anxiety.  How one deals with those moments will determine how the body responds, and how you feel afterwards.  Balance essential oil has a warm, woody aroma.   Balance is a grounding oil blend, which creates a sense of calm and well-being.

What’s Grounding Blend (Balance) made up of?

A perfect blend of spruce, rosewood, frankincense, and blue tansy with fractionated coconut oil to offer an enticing fragrance which promotes tranquility and a sense of balance. We find it most beneficial for an aromatic or topical use - that’s directly to the skin (do a little patch test first - which is applying a drop to the tough side of your arm and noticing if the oil is compatable - this will take a few seconds).

Single oils contained in this blend are: 

Spruce:  grounds the body, creating the balance and the opening necessary to receive and to give.  It may help dilate the bronchial tract to improve the oxygen exchange.  It may also help a person to release emotional blocks.

Rosewood:  is soothing to the skin, appeasing to the mind, relaxing to the body, and creates a feeling of peace and gentleness.

Blue Tansy:  may help to cleanse  the liver and calm the lymphatic system to help rid oneself of anger and promote a feeling of self-control.

Frankincense:  contains sesquiterpenes, which may help oxygenate the pineal and pituitary glands.  As one of the ingredients for the holy incense, frankincense was used anciently to help enhance one’s communication with the creator.  It may help promote a positive attitude.

Carrier oil contained in this blend is Fractionated coconut oil.

I use balance before public speaking, before any of my workshops as a way of calming down.  The smell is divine.  Balance can be used as a perfume or while driving for alertness and calmness.  Brilliant combination of Frankincense and the blue tansy to create a wonderful sensation for the nose...” Annie Clark

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