Cordless Rechargeable Body Massager

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Achieve deep muscle massage, relaxation and relief with our Multifunctional Happy Hammer Massager. Rechargeable and cordless allowing you to access all the hard-to-reach body parts.  It can be used absolutely anywhere, as it is fully portable, rechargeable, and lightweight.

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****only one left*****Achieve deep muscle massage and relaxation with our Multifunctional Happy Hammer Massager with its rechargeable and cordless advantage, allowing you to access all the hard to reach body parts without any strenuous movement. Also, it can be used absolutely anywhere, be it in the office or at home, as it is fully portable, rechargeable, and lightweight.

Use with Ice Blue Stick for total commitment to dealing with your discomfort.

The benefits of Massage:


  • Relaxes taut muscles
  • Alleviates aches and pains in the arms, neck, and shoulders
  • Relieve tension and fatigue to revitalize any part of the body
  • Portable and convenient use at home or in the office.
  • 7 massage heads
    • Round: for any part of the body
    • Finger: great to complement with essential oils and similar to finger-like massage
    • Turbine: pressure shiatsu feeling massage
    • Geranium Stone: anti-wrinkle, firming, and lifting
    • Fingertips: finger-like function to massage specific muscles
    • Jade Head: provides powerful stimulation to increase blood flow to revitalize sagging and tone
    • Brush: massage head can be used on hair and scalp for stimulation
  • Long Handle for hard to reach body parts
  • LED panel
  • Adjustable vibration intensity
  • Battery life - Approximately 1- 1 1/2 hr (plus or minus) on a full charge before it will need charging



  • Weight: 900 Grams
  • Voltage: DC 8.4 volts
  • Power: 16 W
  • Main Machine Material: ABS
  • Model NO: PL-619DC
  • Box Size: 51cm x11cm x 17cm
  • Packaging: Colour Box
  • Product Colour: black and silver/ led screen
  • Product Certificate: CE, RoHS
  • AU Plug

Multiple Massage Attachments for Choice:  MORE DETAIL.

  1. Round Massage Head - Ideal for getting into those inflamed spots - use minimal pressure.  Most people do use this part for several areas around the body, with satisfaction combining or alternating with the Jade Head attachment.
  2. Finger Massage Head - Perfect for muscle stimulation and circular rotational movements for relief from sitting too long.  When using an essential oil blend with the massager be sure to towel dry feet before walking around, to avoid slipping!
  3. Turbine Massage Head - Sports injuries - tougher muscle - alleviates aches and pains in the arms, neck, and shoulders.  Can use for slightly longer periods of time, although we suggest no longer than 15 minutes!
  4. Germanium Stone Massage Head - useful on the neck and around *facial areas - use with care.  *There have been claims that germanium may be beneficial for health, including improving the immune system, the oxygen supply in the body, and destroying free radicals. According to Healthline, germanium has also been considered to be beneficial in treating allergies, asthma, arthritis, HIV/AIDS, and various forms of cancer.
  5. Fingertips Massage Head - for under the heals and around the bottoms of feet.  Can be held in the hand with the lowest speed setting.
  6. Brush Massage Head - Great for the scalp area - again on lowest speed setting, and palms of the hands for writers and crafts people who use their hands for detailed work.
  7. Jade Head - Relieves tension and fatigue to revitalize any part of the body - ideal for stimulating a larger area in the body, eg. thighs, buttocks, and back. 


  • Please do not use this device on the same are of the body for more than 10 mins at a time
  • Do not use this device if you are pregnant or suffering from heart problems or any physical injuries.
  • Please consult your physician or practitioner if you are unsure whether to use this device.

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