dōTERRA Lime & Fennel Combo


Primary Benefits Of Fennel

  • Provides a sweet, licorice-honey aroma and taste.
  • Provides a fragrant and soothing aroma.
  • Used as an aromatic, topical and for food flavouring.
  • Masssage into skin diluted in fractionated coconut oil to promote feelings of relaxation.

Primary Benefits Of Lime

  • Uplifting and pleasing aroma.
  • Stimulating and refreshing to the senses.
  • Used as an aromatic, topical and for food flavouring.
  • Promotes feelings of emotional balance and well-being.


Lime and Fennel - Individually they’re awesome, but together they’re a force.
Lime & Fennel together are a really good tonic for your ‘enteric nervous system’, which is the nervous system you can’t see, (the invisible radar for emotions, thoughts, unspoken words or even spoken words).

You pick up on how people are feeling and your thought process is sharper when your ‘enteric nervous system’ is finely tuned and functioning at its optimal best.
This combo soothes the digestion when used as a tea. If you allow it to cool down and leave it in the fridge you can add fresh slices of lime into the mix and it’s amazing how it calms the gut down. It’s our go-to ‘gut calmer’.
When you first make up a brew of Fennel and Lime as a tonic - add 3 drops each of Fennel and Lime to an empty 2L glass jug.  Fill to half with room temperature filtered water, then top with hot water from the kettle.  Pour into individual glass serving cups to share, and sip on this drink slowly for maximum benefit.



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