Ganozhi – Plus Toothpaste


DXN Ganozhi™ Plus Toothpaste has no artificial colouring, SLES, SLS, and Paraben. It will effectively clean your teeth and refresh your breath with its minty taste.


1 DXN Ganozhi Plus (Ganoderma or Lingzhi) Toothpaste (150g) 

Product Info:

1 Tube ( 150g )

A new revolutionary toothpaste from DXN with the distinctiveness of being enhanced with Ganoderma extract and a tooth-friendly ingredient - XYLITOL, which helps to maintain oral health. DXN Ganozhi Plus Ganoderma Toothpaste (called Ganozhi Plus) contains high-quality Ganoderma extract, food gel (sodium alginate derived from seaweed) and menthol (for flavour). It does NOT contain aspartame, saccharin or colouring.

It effectively cleans your teeth, plus provides many nutrients to your gums for a healthier smile, leaving a long-lasting, pleasant fresh taste in your mouth.

Ganozhi Plus has many uses as a topical paste as well. Great to use on burns, bites, stings, scratches, and cuts for relief, because the Ganoderma is adding superior nutrition directly into the cells you’re rubbing it onto.

Ganozhi Plus Toothpaste is 100% fluoride-free, no saccharin and no artificial colouring. It contains high-quality Ganoderma, food gel and menthol. It leaves a pleasant feeling in your mouth after using it.


High-quality Ganoderma extract, food gel (sodium alginate derived from seaweed) and menthol (for flavour).

Benefits of Ganoderma:

Strengthen the immune system
Promote development & function of the brain
Improves the quality of sleep, Stay energized & revitalized
Helps to promote regeneration of cells & cells metabolism
Increases oxygen levels in the blood system & Promote the blood circulation
Promote production of enzymes, antibodies, hemoglobins & hormones

Additional information

Weight.300 kg
Dimensions18 × 4.5 × 4 cm


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