Alcyon SOL Deluxe Glass Bamboo Diffuser


The well designed SOL deluxe Glass/Bamboo diffuser uses a highly efficient real time atomization technology to effectively diffuse essential oils into the environment.



The well designed SOL deluxe Glass/Bamboo diffuser uses a highly efficient real time atomization technology to effectively diffuse essential oils into the environment.

The essential oils are atomized into minute ion particles, which are more easily absorbed by the human body than oils diffused by conventional diffusers.

The SOL diffuser will enhance any room with the addition of  essential oils like  DoTerra Wild Orange, Balance and Elevation, you will change the mood of the office or bedroom very quickly and provide a healthy lift.

It helps you unload all the burdens from the depressed reality and create a world of your own exceptional and purified selves.  It is advised to use this tool in most environments like - Homes and bedrooms,conference rooms, restaurants, hotels, houses and apartments (drawing rooms, bedrooms, baby’s rooms), hospitals, beauty parlors, and other private or public circumstances.

Alcyon™ | SOL- Australia’s best selling aroma diffusers
The SOL Ultrasonic  DELUXE Glass and Bamboo Aroma Diffuser doesn’t use any heat or open flames to diffuse essential oils or blends, ensuring their benefits remain intact while providing safe and effective aromatherapy delivery. The SOL will fit into any décor and with its range of additional benefits, it will quickly become a favourite in your home!
Ultrasonic diffusion
Using Ultra sound, SOL uses a safe heat-less process that breaks down water molecules and infuses them with the essential oils or blends of your choice. Without heat the delicate chemistry of your aromatherapy blends and oils is preserved, along with their aromatherapeutic benefits and their scents.
The SOL works very quickly – At the touch of a unique bottom on/off button,
The SOL can be turned on or off by pushing lightly down on the unit.Producing fine diffused mist throughout your home or office.
  • No heat is produced to diffuse essential oils and so doesn’t have any dangerous open flames, enabling you to leave it on overnight so you can enjoy its benefits while you sleep. It is also safe to use around children, the elderly and pets, and for added peace of mind it will automatically shut down when the tank runs out of water.
  • Leave your Diffuser on at night to increase ambient moisture in your bedroom, and you won’t notice the dry throat sensation we all experience in the morning.
You can use the SOL to:
  • Diffuse essential oil blends in your workplace to improve mental clarity and concentration.
  • Improve sleeping and respiratory conditions with specific blends at the onset of cold and flu symptoms.
  • Promote an atmosphere of calm in your house especially around children and pets.
  • Relieve mild anxiety and promote relaxation.
  • Ionise and purify the air, removing bacteria, viruses and moulds.
  • Refresh and deodorise the air.
With a small footprint and 8 hours of use covering up to 15m2 of area , the SOL is the perfect complement to any home or workspace and will soon make itself indispensable!

Additional information

Weight.600 kg
Dimensions15 × 15 × 13 cm

Products Specification

Product CodeSOL
Product Size115x115x130
Coverage15 m2
Box Size155x155x275 mm
Power SupplyDC 24v
Water Tank120 ml
Continual Mist Mode8.0 hrs [approx]
MaterialGlass & Bamboo
Night Light ATransition Colours + Selectable
Mist Output15 ml/h
On/Off ActivationPush Button
Body ColourOpaque
Warranty12 Months


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