Gut Cleanse & Repair Kit


We clean the houses we live in all the time, and just like our homes, our inner home also needs and effective clean.  This kit has the best useful tools to assist you with the process.


We clean the houses we live in all the time, and just like our homes, our inner home also needs an effective clean.

When you last cleaned your house, you must have used a broom, or mop, some cleaning cloths, or sponges.  You must have used some sort of natural cleaning solution, or extra water for your task.  Just like your house, your inner house (your body) needs a clean from time to time.  This can happen as a consequence of cleansing, fasting, and proper food combining.  The tools you are using are the right essential oils, appropriate food, liquids, and adequate rest.

For restoration to take place, you must begin the clean-out phase.

This kit is made up of 4 essential oils, Fibre, and Annie’s book ‘Lifestyle Reset, The Essential Guide To Healing You and the Planet’. 


The Kit consists of the following:

Gut Repair:

Fibre  350gms - package

Fennel.     15ml Essential Oil

Lime        15ml Essential Oil

Lemon      15ml Essential Oil

Oregano    15ml Essential Oil

Lifestyle Reset Book –  245 pages.

Fibre – useful for 1 level teaspoon in water as a drink during difficult times.  Nervous stress.  Add to cereal, smoothies, and pureed fruit whip.  See recipes in the Lifestyle Reset Book. 

Fennel – Use 1 to 2 drops into empty glass – add 1 – 2 drops Lime or Lemon to the glass, add room temperature water, to half a 1 litre glass jug, then add hot water to top up.  Stir with a stainless steel spoon or knife.  Pour into glasses and sip for relief from anxiety, tension or gut disharmony.  This drink doesn’t have to be hot, but warm, as warm water is effective for calming down the Enteric Nervous System.  The ENS is the invisible highway between your gut and brain, which is constantly under threat with your thoughts and reactions to stress and emotional imbalance.

Lime – Refreshing and cleansing as a beverage as well as to inhale.  See the Fennel and Lime Tonic link.  

Lemon – Use 1 -2 drops into an empty mug or glass, add room temperature water, and drink throughout the day.  It’s refreshing and cleansing for the gut.  Drink before meals, first thing in the morning.  Diffuse Lemon to refresh the odours in a room. note:  Lemon essential oil, can be consumed several times a day safely, provided you are using Food Grade Essential oils.  The Lemon essential oil in this kit along with Fennel, Oregano and Lime are all classified as such.

Oregano – Carry out Parasite Cleanse – 10 Days – apply several drops to the palm of your hand with Olive oil or coconut oil and apply to the bottom of your feet or around the abdominal area, three times a day – MAKE SURE IT’S THE SAME TIME for each application for 10 days.  Preferably in the lead-up to a Full – Moon.  After using Antibiotics or when you have travelled, encountered a stomach bug or feel like you are coming down with a virus.

Book – Lifestyle Reset – The Essential Guide To Healing You and the Planet.  This book is full of Food Combining Hints, Amazing Plant-Based Recipes, Philosophy, Iridology Insights and more.

The full Retail Value of this Kit is $225.00.  Our special price is $195.00. A saving of $30.00.

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