Iridology Consultation – 1 Hour


Each of us is equipped with a miniature recording screen that can gauge the status of our health – The Iris.



Each of us is equipped with a miniature recording screen that can gauge the status of our health – The Iris.

The iris reveals the characteristics of the body tissue, the presence of acids, catarrh and anaemia.  The condition of the autonomic and central (brain and spine) nervous systems in relationship to the organs may be determined.  Iris analysis also reveals the hyper or hypo functioning of the endocrine glandular systems.  If you are under stress, if the organs are under stress it will be very evident in the iris and Annie can guide you to make the right changes for your health.

Iridology, as the study and analysis of the Neurooptic reflex, is the art and science of revealing the pathological, structural, functional psychological and emotional disturbances in the human body.   In other words, it’s a very functional way of showing you how well your body is going and how adept you are at fighting off disease.
The iris is a micro structure of the entire body.  It is a blueprint that can tell us which areas of the body have enough energy to meet the demands and which areas may need some assistance.
The disease is a state of health and by looking at an iris; you can tell the ability to resist a negative energy.  Resistance is measured by the density of the iris fibres.
When resistance fails and a negative influence penetrates the body systems then you can tell how much vital force is present in the organ systems of the body.  You can also tell of its ability to react and dispel the negative influence (toxins, bacteria, trauma, etc.) from the body.  The ability to react is measured by the shading in the iris (white, grey, dark, etc.).
When Annie looks at your eyes she is looking at where the vitality is, (resistance), and can the vital force dispel the negative energy (Reactivity).
Clients should leave an Iris diagnosis/consultation with:
• A clearer understanding of the physical factors that contributed to their complaints
• How past suppressions set up their current problems
• What lifestyle and emotional factors have contributed to their current situation
• What areas need support or treatment to increase vitality or to regain balance
• How to maintain health and practise preventative medicine
• What foods can be introduced and eliminated
Note:  Iridology cannot reveal cancer.  Many people claim to be able to see cancer in the iris.  This is untrue and unethical.
The Iridology session is not a medical approach to examination or even recommendations.
Iridology is a whole system of analysis, for the whole person.  It is a positive experience and can be used effectively to motivate clients to stay on a healthy path.
An Iridology consultation with Annie is 1 hour.  Please bring any X-rays, medication or details of previous appointments to your consultation.


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