My Journey Back to the Sweet Life book – by Tabitha Schutz


If you like sweet treats and have a sweet tooth you are going to love that this book has all that and the recipes are healthy for you!

If you need a little uplift, there are many private and personal stories in this book to help you reflect.

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Here’s something that I made from Tabitha’s book.

First-time author Tabitha Schutz has released a dessert recipe book for anyone who has dietary requirements and is looking to choose healthier lifestyle food choices. A deliciously crafted book full of her own created desserts that are free from gluten, dairy, and refined sugar to help you transition over to becoming a more youthful version of yourself. Tabitha with a history of health struggles herself also shares some words about the obstacles she has faced, yet, still overcoming.

Come journey with her back to the sweet life.

From Page 67. Let Go and Paint Outside the Lines.  ‘A story’.

“Painters paint on a canvas, but a true artist simply creates.  While Tabitha had attachments to perfectionism, it restricted her in exploring outside the box.  As perfectionism was put into place, it became more difficult to fully embrace, trust and allow herself to be guided. She saw trusting herself as losing al her control.  her innate wisdom knew how smart the human body is, yet trusting her own felt so far out of reach.  

Momentarary flashbacks of freedom occurred when she would let that guard down, remembering the exhilarated feeling of moving with the flow - life’s natural current.  She knew that this freedom excited her.  if she could play less by the rules and release the judgement and boundaries that impeded her growth and development, she may well create a beautiful masterpiece of art.  After all, the only person that can make her feel less is herself.  

Tabitha now knows that what you try to control and cling to ends up controlling you, and you are left powerless.  She needed to let go of trying to be so perfect - be a little wild!  Picking up a paintbrush, making a right old mess, and having fun doing it would bring her more freedom.  When you let go of perfection, you allow ease and flow, and that’s when we fully trust and embrace.  living well is a discipline and an art.  What would it mean if you could freely express yourself without the fear of judgment?”

This book is more than a book about sweet desserts and healthier options for the person with a sweet tooth, its about Tabitha’s vibration and her unique perspective on everything.  Every kitchen deserves to have this treasure of ‘food art ideas’ on its shelf.

Testimonial:  Her book is full of these blessed creations that are decadent and sometimes dainty, deliciously good for you, and designed to be metabolised and utilised by the body in a kinder and more anatomically friendly way.  It’s a book for every living being to savour and more importantly use.  Annie Clark.

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