Zazen Water Ceramic Filter


Removes rust, sediments, and organic matter. Stops bacteria, cysts, parasites, and hazardous micro-organisms. It’s the first stage of the water systems remediation activity and most important for beautiful water. The ceramic filter is best replaced each year for maximum effectiveness.


Constructed of highly compressed and fired Diatomite earth with a pore size of 0.2 – 0.5 microns.

This ceramic filter removes and prevents rust, sediments, and organic matter from going through the water system.
Stops bacteria, cysts, parasites, and hazardous micro-organisms.
Why do I need to replace the Ceramic Filter regularly?
To ensure the very best quality water for your health and wellness benefit, it is important to change your filters and stones on time. With the Ceramic Filter, we recommend a maximum time in use of 12 months.  If you are pre-filtering the water going into your zazen Water system eg. you have a filter on your tap, you can probably extend the filter life to 24 months - you will be the best judge depending on how discoloured your Ceramic Filter gets over the first 12 months.  Note:  Tank water will tend to be more taxing on your ceramic filter, however, you can still use the ceramic filter with your zazen water system, you will just need to be more vigilant with observation and cleaning of the ceramic filter.
The Ceramic Filter loses its fine filtration capabilities as it deteriorates over time, impacting the quality of your drinking water.

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Weight.250 kg


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