On one of my many trips to North Queensland, during the month of February 2018, it was all about ‘Raw Gems’ (the best raw treats I have ever tasted) amazing and great service wherever I went, and ‘sunshine’.  Of course, there was rain, its the wet season for goodness sakes, but I had glorious sunshine too, which made all the difference.

Besides Raw Gems, I wanted to point out the benefits of just being in more sunshine.  Sunshine is a mood enhancer and mind-altering contributor.  Its well known that Sunlight exposure in the summer can equip your body to stock up on vitamin D3 that can last throughout the autumn and yield for the production of more vitamin D, which leads to higher serotonin levels.

Skin that is exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays release a compound called nitric oxide, that lowers blood pressure.  A little sunshine every day can make a huge difference to your ‘happiness’.  Just to see the sunshine is uplifting.  So I am always grateful for blue skies and sunshine.

I mention Raw Gems and Sunshine all on the same blog because Raw Gems is like Sunshine to me!  Raw Gems is a beautiful little company of souls, headed by my old and dear friend Germaine Winspear.  Here is the link to her facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/RawGemsRawDesserts/.  From the hills of Julatten, the best quality raw slices and treats are created for distribution all over Port Douglas, Cairns and surrounds.  Every time I taste one of these treats, I am taken to a blissful world in my mouth of healthy content.  I am in awe of this lovely family and blessed to know them.  Do yourself a favor when you come to North Queensland, always chose a ‘raw gem slice’ as your healthy treat.  You will find them dispersed all over the North Queensland region in cafes, and coffee shops owned by discerning entrepreneurs who know the best way to serve.

Service is something that is sadly lacking in our modern businesses, but I’m happy to say that it’s alive and kicking around Cairns and surrounding townships.  Visit Kuranda markets, my old stomping ground, and take time to talk to the stall holders, who are engaging and committed to bringing homemade quality items to you.

Some of my top picks are from Rockhampton to Cairns, The Apartments on Palmer, fantastic place to stay, and always clean and neat.  I love using the facility there, because it’s easy for people to find, and I can also hold events there.  Port Dennison Hotel in Bowen, run and managed by a lovely lady named Anita who always goes out of her way.  The Grandview Hotel in Bowen, again, another venue I do events from, and a beautiful atmospheric location.  They made me up the best Salad I have ever experienced from a Hotel/pub like venue.  Beautiful.  Service was excellent!

There are so many more, and as time goes by I’ll mention them and their service in my blogs and articles.  Thank you for reading and I look forward to sharing more soon. Blessings Annie Clark.