Reducing and eliminating aches and pains is a worthy ideal when it comes to navigating your body through life. If you know either Darryl or myself ‘Annie’, then you will know we are about working in harmony with nature.  Painkillers and certain drugs are not always the answer to reducing your discomfort, they may have short-term wins for you, but using them may do more harm than good, just ask your liver after a few beers or gins and tonics, or your gut and pancreas after eating a ‘sweet cake’ or taking ‘tablet form pain killers‘, as they are band-aids for the real issues.  The lifestyle issues!

We start off by making a conscious decision to review our lifestyle now!  I have questions for you, lots’ of questions…

What sort of activity are you engaging in, and how do you move throughout the day?  What is your posture like?  How do you walk?  Where is the wear and tear on your shoe heals?  How do you feel about the people you live with? mmmm, now that’s a land mine waiting to go off!

Do you practice stretching, yoga, walking, or swimming?  Are you a tea and cake sort of person? Are you consuming alcohol (thinking that will ease the pain)?

You may think that you are doing some positive things for your body by consuming a certain cereal or drinking a certain beverage, however, some of the very things you think may work don’t help your aches and pains, it’s the opposite, they are contributing to your inflammatory response.

Inflammation is an unkind friend that rears itself after one too many poor lifestyle choices.  The following questions answered with patience and honesty will help you to ascertain some of the lifestyle saboteurs, but you need to see them clearly first before you make changes.


The following questions are targeting things you do or don’t do every day.  What you consume, how you consume, and even how you relate to people around you. So from mood to the menu; job satisfaction and attitude;  we will find out a little more about you.  What’s most important about this questionnaire is the answers will lead to more clarification.  For some of you, it will take a consultation at least with Annie to start a lifestyle that supports your ability to reduce and eliminate inflammation.  Your lifestyle right now is dictating whether or not you will be the next person to have a knee or hip replacement.  I’m sure you would want to know how to avoid the terrain in such conditions.  So let’s get on with it…… Circle the statement that most applies to you.

  • When it comes to making a hot drink, do you

a)  Use instant coffee or drink brewed coffee. b) make a herbal brew.  c) consume Fennel & Lime Tonic.    d) drink warm purified water only.    e)  a mixture of all mentioned.

  • Do you consume greens, fresh salad greens like spinach, cos lettuce, sprouted greens

a).  No, I don’t like greens.   b) maybe once a week.   c) yes I have fresh greens with one meal.     d) at least two meals per day I have greens.  e)  I consume dried greens every day.

  • Is alcohol part of your daily beverages?

a).  Yes, I have a few glasses of wine every night.  b)  I only drink socially, once a week.   c)  Maybe twice a year I’d have a drink for a celebration.   d) no I do not drink at all.   e)  I’ve removed all stimulating drinks from my life. 

  • Are your meals made up of 75% grains and more carbohydrates?

a)  Yes I have muesli every morning, and toast.  b) I eat fruit and porridge.  c)  I rotate my breakfasts and have grains every 4 days.  d)  I intermittently fast, the first meal at 11 am or even 12 pm. e)  A combination of C and D.

  • Do you reheat your meals?

a).  Every night my meals are heated in the microwave.  b)  I only reheat leftovers after a few days.  c).  I tend to use the stove, not the oven for re-heating.  d).  Mainly eat something alive with something cooked.   e). My meals are always fresh.

  • Drinking and eating at the same time!

a)   Yes I always drink while I’m eating.   b)  Most times I drink and eat at the same time.   c). I allow at least 10-15 minutes after a meal before I drink.  d).  The food I’m eating has high water content.  e)  I drink water before the meal and wait 30 minutes after.

  • Animal Protein and Dairy

a).  I love my meat, complete carnivore.  b)  Only eat Roast Chicken and Grilled Fish.   c)  Vegetarian, mostly, but enjoy eggs and white cheeses.  d). I do not eat dairy products or animal proteins.   e). I consume high Essential Fatty Acid Foods, legumes.

  • I practice Food Combining.

a).  I have no idea what you are talking about.   b)  Yes I’m a meat and 3 veg person.  c).  I am careful not to overload my plate with potatoes or rice with other classifications.  d)  Yes, I understand food combining.  e).  I mono-eat - one item at a time.

  • Timing of meals is thought about?

a).  I don’t really think about the time I’m eating.  b)  I only eat late at night. go to bed tired.   c). I tend to eat more at lunch, and a small meal at night.   d).  I eat small meals but balanced throughout the day.    e).  I stop eating after 6-7 pm.

  • Dining Out!

a).  I overeat and overdrink all the time.   b).  I have no self-control with dessert.    c).  I always order salad first, then a soup or entree meal.   d).  I don’t overeat when I dine out.    e)   I rarely dine out, prefer simpler meals.

  • Do you practice any sort of ritual at meal times?

a).   I just eat, don’t think about it.  b).  We like to watch the News.  c).  We tend to take our time and have discussions.   d)  Bless the food and eat slowly.   e).  A combination of C and D.

  • Are you using any digestive aid or probiotics?

a).   I take antacids for every meal.    b)  I use wine as my digestive aid!   c)  sometimes use a probiotic.   d)  I have specific fermented foods for the gut.  e).   A combination of C and D.

  • What is your sleep like?

a).   I don’t sleep well.     b) I’m lucky to get good sleep once a week.  c).  I sleep well after exercise.   d).  I always sleep well.    e)  A combination of C and D.

  • Medications and Drugs?

a).  I am on anti-inflammatory meds.   b).  I’ve recently been put on medication for pain.   c).  I use natural supplements for pain management.  d).  I am not on any medications.   e).   A combination of C and D.

  • Exercise and Movement.

a).  I am in too much pain to move.  b).  I don’t exercise.     c).  I walk and stretch 5 days a week.    d)  I do movement every day including yoga and stretching.  e). I dance and do a combination of C and D.

  • I am always in a bad mood.

a).  I am constantly angry or upset.  b).  It takes me a while to get over things.   c).  I don’t hold a grudge, what’s the point?  d)  I love to laugh and chose a good mood.   e).  A combination of C and D.

  • I love what I do for a living.

a).  I can’t stand what I do for a job, it frustrates me.   b)  I get bored at my employment, I’m not valued.  c).  I like what I do, but I wish I was doing something else.  d).  I love my career.  e)  I love living simply work is not important to me.

  • My Relationship with Family and Friends.

a).  I don’t like my family or friends.   b).  I have no time for family and friends.    c).  I value my relationship with family and friends.   d).  I love my family and have several close friends.  e).  A combination of C and D.

  • Optimistic or Pesimestic

a).   I think the world sucks!    b).  I’ll never amount to anything, I suck!   c). I believe I am an optimist - always looking for the good, and moving forward.   d). I love life and practice gratitude.   e).  A combination of C and D.

a).   I don’t believe in being positive.   b)  I’ve never achieved anything.   c).  I’m proud of myself.    d).  I am happy for others when they achieve.   e).  I do not envy others and I’m happy with what I have.

  • Competitive 

a).   I want to win at all costs.   b). I resent other achievers.   c). I’ll give things a go, but not fussed about winning.   d). I’m more of a contributor than a competitor.   e).  If I’m alive I’m a winner!

  • Essential Oils

a).   What a waste of money.  b).  Tried them once, and they do not work.    c).  I use essential oils but need more education.  d). I use essential oils from the chemist.  e).  I’m aware of the benefits of Essentials Oils and use them consistently.

So I think you can get a sense from these questions that the mind plays just as much a part in reducing inflammation as the body.  So if you circled more A’s, and B’s, then you have some work to do.  If your answers were in the C, D, and E range, then you are on task already for reducing inflammation.  Even if you are only just embracing these lifestyle choices lately, there is no time like the present and you will have improvements, guaranteed.

I think you can see I’m an optimist, but I have had my negative times too.  It’s about making decisions to behave a certain way and I work with balancing chemistry to help reduce any discomfort.

Some of my suggested products and lifestyle alterations that work to help keep inflammation at bay are:

  1. Green drinks - Look into my Lifestyle Reset Health Kit.
  2. B Tonics - ATP sachets 
  3. Frankincense essential oil - apply daily.
  4. Ice Blue Copaiba Stick - before training and during exercise.
  5. The lemon essential oil in your water.
  6. Fennel and Lime Tonic.
  7. Drinking Pure water - see Water Systems.
  8. Embracing a more Plant based lifestyle - Check In The Raw and Lifestyle Reset Books.
  9. Watching Comedy - Try Michael McIntyre - Brilliant - laugh away your pain.  The Big Show.
  10. Dancing and listening to upbeat music.
  11.  Incorporating seeds into your daily menu
  12.  Enjoying more banana smoothies with ‘whey protein powder

You may have some extra lifestyle choices that you are currently employing to help your inflammation dissipate, by all means, share them here.  We would love your comments.

Keep well and happy, that is the name of the game. Cheers Annie Clark.