Is it really that hard to take some time to rest, restore and repair? For some of us ‘yes’ it is! We have deliberately placed obstacles in front of our daily activities to avoid dedicating time to restoration.  I think I have done this in the past but I’m now acutely aware of the value of conscious rest and restoration, otherwise, I don’t give my body a chance to repair.

A lovely client phoned me the other day to find out if I had my ‘hemp soap‘ in stock, I said, ‘Yes of course’, it’s on the website! She went on to share with me that she enjoys a bath minimally once a week, soaks in almost scolding hot water, and luxuriates with the hemp soap.  The soap is made with hemp oil which is magnificent for the skin and just as beneficial for the mind.  She uses Lavender Peace essential oil in the diffuser every day and several other oils which I’ll mention later.  My client recognizes the importance of time in the tub for soaking allowing the hot water to relax her body.  She’s a worker like many of us, but likes to charge her own battery with a weekly ritual, and also daily attention that helps her to restore and repair.

Taking time out to relax and unwind for the overachiever or ‘human doing’, can at first seem like a time waster, but I would suggest you look at it more as a ‘time giver’, a restored human is far more effective than one that is burnt out!

Here are some suggested ways to restore and repair daily:

1.  Wake with awareness - what do I mean?  When you wake up each morning, this is your first opportunity to check in with yourself.  Your body will send messages, with perhaps stiffness here or an urgency to use the toilet, which of course you will act on.  Just announce out loud to your body, you are grateful, ‘What a blessing to wake up ‘alive’, what a joy to have the use of your mind and body, and in whatever capacity that is, just wake up with awareness and celebrate that first win.   Remember your body is listening to your thoughts!

2.  Breathe in deeply through the nose –  Check in with the way you are breathing, even if you had a less-than-average sleep, the way you breathe when you wake up can make all the difference.  Check-in with yourself throughout the day and breathe through the nose.  When you breathe in deeply you take in the ‘oxygen of potential’ and exhale used and old air, this is how you begin restoration and repair.

3.  Hydrate Water is life and life requires water.  Consume at least a litre of purified water within the first 2 hours of your day.  I add greens to one of my glasses of water, some B tonic, and Vitamin C powder and sometimes I’ll take a Golden Seal capsule, just depending on the temperature and if I feel like I’m fighting something.  Our immune systems are always fighting something, it’s like a Viking attack on the Saxons in there, every minute of our existence!  Always remember that, and tune into what you feel your body is lacking.  If your nose is continually blocked, perhaps skip a meal and give the digestive system a chance, which leads me to my next tip.

4.  Know when to Intermittently fast  Fasting isn’t for everyone, but consider that when you are digesting a meal all the time, this takes energy, vital energy needed for repairing your body.  Fasting from the last meal 7 pm. night before until 11.30 am or even 12 noon, a few times a week, can help with the resetting of the digestive clock, and give you a thorough assimilation period.  Approximately 16 hours of fasting a day, as I said starting with a few days a week, can be exceptional for bringing back a bit more energy and discipline in your day.

5.  Mono eat - Consume one type of food at a time!  Just like fasting you can eat simply for a day, selecting one fruit item like apples or bananas, and finishing with a light broth or soup at night.  More about this in my ‘Lifestyle Reset Book‘ or In The Raw on Fasting.

6.  Power Nap - Mini Sleep - Setting aside some time in the afternoon to have a 30-minute rest, is amazing for enhancing productivity into the night, especially if you have some business to attend to or crave the quiet of the evening for writing, sorting our paperwork, or creating your next movie script.  Make a comfortable space in a quiet well-ventilated room, and place a comfy padded mat on the floor with extra blankets handy, as when you lie down the body cools down quickly.  We use meditation to kick off our power nap.  Slowing down thoughts and concentrating on our breathing, before you know it, we are off in a la la land, enjoying the benefits of the nap.  Then we stir ourselves, and hydrate then get on with whatever needs to be done.  Power napping is up there as my best ‘restoration tip’.

7.  Move with Joy - When I visit my dad, I take him through a number of exercises and stretches.  We do this every day that I’m with him, and with my partner Darryl, we love to break out into a dance. it’s just a built-in habit, that has enhanced my life.  The ‘moving with joy’ is epic in terms of increasing happy thoughts and vibrating at a higher level.  So putting on some music that forces movement in a positive way.  Dancing, just swinging the arms, and walking around the room. Moving to music is fun and creates more energy.  Try it, I guarantee you will look forward to a morning dance or even afternoon jive to increase your happy hormones and who knows you may even be good enough to audition for the next Broadway show!

8.  Aromatherapy in your home - I use essential oils to uplift the room and elevate the air I’m breathing. The oils change the vibe of the people who are sharing that ‘air’ with me, thus making it easier to enjoy the benefits of the perfect scent for improved emotional response and immune support.  Remember what I said about how our immune systems are fighting a battle for us every minute, actually every second of every day. Well, we can help that immune system army along a bit, by improving the air quality.  Diffusing essential oils like Orange, Lemon, Easy Air, and Mandarin just to name a few helps our inner Vikings.  Essential oils are a crucial part of restoring and revitalizing us and our homes.  A healthy home means we can rejuvenate and repair effectively by being in a safe and healing environment.  More on this in Lifestyle Reset, The Essential Guide To Healing You and the Planet - book. 

9.  Take Time To Reset and Retreat - Some of the hints previously mentioned will help you to carry out a daily reset and restore, however making time to carry out a retreat, somewhere at some time during the year is vital for helping you to shift state and set up the habit for positive change and implementation.  One of my retreat clients wrote to me after her private retreat with me, stating that the time away, even though only for a few days was instrumental in her carrying out some ‘New Lifestyle Practices’.  The time away was a form of anchoring the mind to the action, and for her, it was the best decision.  Check out when our next Lifestyle Reset Retreats are taking place.  It would be wonderful to have you along.

10.  Many problems of the World can be solved with a garden – Being outside in the garden is one of the most effective ways of restoring your body and mind.  Just 30 minutes a day outside, hands in the soil or walking around the green.  You may live in a 17-story building, and be lucky to have a balcony or you may have the space of a back yard, or acreage like myself, either way, you can garden in all of it.  If you live in an apartment you can have a few pots with something alive, potentially edible growing, that you have carefully cultivated and cared for. 

Your lifespan is linked physically and emotionally by your attention to the above lifestyle tips, however, if you have a happy disposition and outlook, you can ride almost any storm.  Keep upbeat, keep grateful, and keep healthy so that you can navigate this life. 

I’d love to see you at our next retreat. x Annie